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Interesting Latin American and Asian fusion kitchen: Restaurant Mercado-Nikkei (5. June 2019)

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The Mercado was recommended to me a couple of months ago and finally I had the chance to visit the place. It was a place trying to be fusion between Latin American and Japanese kitchen – so some kind of fusion but not really. We decided to go for the “five course menu” (EUR 48.00) which sounded like a decent deal. It started with “nacho chips and some kind of sweet mango dip”. Frankly, not bad but also not very surprising in terms of flavor.

The first course was a fusion sushi combination as well as a salmon sashimi and it was surprisingly pleasant.

Next in line was a very chunky tuna ceviche with avocado and prawns which was as well tasty but the quality of the tuna could have been higher.

The fish main course was salmon with some vegetables which was – compared to the previous dishes not overwhelming.

The main was basically “beef chunks with potatoes and onions”. A hearty dish which was tasty in terms of flavors in general but somehow disappointing compared to the rest of the menu (and the threshold wasn’t that high either) and it just didn’t fit the rest as the rest was rather light and fresh.

Finally, the dessert platter was quite a surprise as it was definitely a great selection but frankly, the portion was almost a bit too big after four courses.

Inside, the restaurant is quite nice and the idea of the outside tables is also a pleasant one. However, the issue is that the restaurant is located at the ring street which makes it rather noisy. At least the weather was great so you were able to sit outside. Furthermore, the service was exquisite as they were incredibly friendly and even able to accommodate a couple of our requests. All in all, the Mercado-Nikkei is not bad but it is neither Latin American cuisine nor Japanese cuisine and the fusion part doesn’t work that well either. Still, if you have a look at what you get for the price, it is still more than an okay combination.


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Restaurant Mercado-Nikkei

Stubenring 18

1010 Vienna (AT)

Tel.: +43 1 512 25 05

E-Mail: restaurant@mercado.at

Homepage: http://www.mercado.at

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