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More or less average and lacking a surprising element: Restaurant La Bergamote (8. June 2019)

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The “La Bergamote” was also a recommendation of the guide Michelin app among the ‘Bib Gourmand’ restaurants. Now, I’m not entirely sure how it ended up there. The whole thing started with the fact that the place is not very atmospheric and is more like a “get many people through” restaurant. However, I had hope given it was in the Michelin app – and it wasn’t really fulfilled. As an amuse bouche from the kitchen, a “cold chicken” was served which did taste like almost nothing.

Luckily, things got better with the actual menu. I went for the “l’Oeuf Bio (‘parfait’ façon cocotte, médaillon de poireaux brûlés, toast de pain Poilane au beurre d’algue et oursin)” (EUR 17.00) as a starter and it was actually tasty somehow. However, the leek bed on which the egg was placed wasn’t really necessary as it did not add to the dish in terms of taste or texture experience. If they had cut it a bit thinner maybe – like that it was just a weird leek bed on the ground of the plate.

As a main course, I went for the “Risotto aux Asperges (le risotto aux asperges vertes, crémeux de jaune d’oeuf et viande des grisons croustillante)” (EUR 26.00) and damn, was it a main course! I mean, the risotto was actually super creamy and tasty and in combination with the asparagus, it was actually great. However, the portion was large enough to feed a whole family. Seriously. I’m not easily satisfied in terms of amount of food I can stomach – but that was just beyond.

As initially stated, the atmosphere of the place was not really that appealing as there was barely any privacy and it was somehow sterile.

At least the “Esprit Chevalier” (EUR 59.00) was surprisingly delicious for a French wine. The service does – generally speaking – a good job as they are friendly and attentive. Again after some initial time to get going. If I had to give you a recommendation to visit this place or not – I’d say it’s not worth the travel!


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Restaurant La Bergamote

2 pl. de Nancy

2212 Luxembourg City (LU)

Tel.: +352 26 44 03 79

E-Mail: contact@labergamote.lu

Homepage: http://www.labergamote.lu

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