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Decent tapas selection where you wouldn’t expect it: Restaurant La Barra @ Mercado Little Spain (14. June 2019)

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We walked into the Mercado Little Spain after quite a walk through NYC because we were starving. Therefore, the expectations were relatively low but the La Barra which is kind of a restaurant bar where you can sit around the ‘kitchen and bar part’ offered surprisingly good dishes starting with “Aceituna Liquida (liquid olives by Albert Adriã)” (2.50 USD) which was a pleasant surprise and quite interesting as a first bite in New York.

Second was the “montadito de anchoas el Cantábrico on semillas de tomato (tomato seeds and Cantabrian anchovies)” (9.00 USD) which was simple but great in terms of taste.

The “la bomba de la Barceloneta (the famous potato and pork fritters of Barcelona)” (9.50 USD) was – on the other hand – not necessarily the best dish I’ve had in a while.

However, the gambas al ajillo (the very, very famous tapa of shrimp sautéed with garlic)” (16.00 USD) were great as they were also not that strongly garlic scented as you so often have it.

The place itself isn’t outstanding in terms of atmosphere but generally lovely and the waiters actually do a great job as they are friendly and make sure you get your dishes in a pleasant order so you actually aren’t overly full or stressed when eating.

The prices are generally okay as well, which is also true for the “sparkling water (0,75l)” (6.00 USD) but I think a glass of “Algueira” for 13.00 USD is a bit off the acceptable. All in all, the Mercado Little Spain is a nice space with decent food for a fair price – so worth a stop when you’re close.


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Restaurant La Barra @ Mercado Little Spain

10 Hudson Yards

10001 New York (US)

Tel.: +1 646 495 1242

E-Mail: hola@littlespain.com

Homepage: http://www.littlespain.com

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