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When the lunch offering is somewhat disappointing: Restaurant Locanda Verde (15. June 2019)

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The Locanda Verde was featured on the app ‘Where Chefs Eat‘ and given I have made mainly positive experiences with that in the past – all over the world – I decided to give it a try for lunch. I was a bit surprised to find out that when it was lunch time, all they offered was basically strongly breakfast-related. The only meal on the menu which wasn’t was the “AC’s wood-fired garlic chicken” (36.00 USD) which is the course I went for. The fact that for 36.00 USD you get half a chicken and no side is still surprising to me as a European who is used to get something with your piece of meat. The vegetables with which the chicken was prepared weren’t quite enough. However, the chicken was actually quite delicious and had a – no surprise there – strong garlic taste.

In hindsight, taking the “crispy garlic potatoes” (9.00 USD) as a side was probably not the smartest of all ideas. I mean, after all, they were caring more garlic and frankly were quite disappointing in flavor and consistency as they were – to some degree – stroppy and the added grated cheese on top did not help at all.

Although I was at first a bit surprised when the waiter had red hair, he turned out to be an amazing waiter who was super friendly and attentive – keep it going! The “greenport harbor” (8.00 USD) which was a non-alcoholic drink was refreshing and the “double espresso” (6.00 USD) decent as well.

What I liked a lot about the place was the space itself – spacious, open, modern, just overall appealing.

All in all, the Locanda Verde doesn’t count to my favorites which is mainly because the menu selection for a lunch was somewhat not lunch-like at all. Other than that, the place is atmospheric and they create a good impression of how a European restaurant can and should be – just gotta work a bit on their food selection.


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Restaurant Locanda Verde

377 Greenwich Street

10013 New York (US)

Tel.: +1 212 925 3797

E-Mail: info@locandaverdenyc.com

Homepage: http://www.locandaverdenyc.com

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