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Not sure if the best burger of New York actually is the best burger of New York: Restaurant J. G. Melon (16. June 2019)

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I had been recommended the J.G. Melon by two individuals for the best burger before going to New York, so I thought I should give it a try. I went for their “bacon cheeseburger” (13.50 USD) which came within a few minutes and I must say that it was definitely good. Somehow though, if I think of the term best burger in New York I would expect more. Can’t quite point out what that more would be but I would just expect more.

The “cottage fried potatoes” (6.50 USD) were really nothing you need to take. The burger offers a savory experience especially if you put it together the right way with the right amount of onions, pickles, bacon, mustard and/or ketchup. But the potatoes aren’t worth trying.

Charging 3.75 USD for a tiny bottle (0,2l) of San Pellegrino seems also a bit off. I get it, it’s good water. It’s imported all the way from Europe but still – seems off to me.

What was more impressive was the fact that there was already a line of about 10 people when we arrived and that was the moment before it officially opened that day at 11:30am.

And it didn’t get any better once we had left – there were even more people standing outside and waiting to get in.

So, all in all, yes, the J.G. Melon does offer good burgers – however, if this is the best burger in New York City, then I’m disappointed.


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Restaurant J. G. Melon

1291 3rd Ave

10021 New York (US)

Tel.: +1 212 744 0585

Homepage: http://www.jgmelon-nyc.com

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