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Almost like the real experience you get when in Mexico: Restaurant Los Tacos No. 1 @ Chelsea Market (17. June 2019)

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I was looking forward to go back to Chelsea Market when visiting New York this time already since the beginning. One of the reasons being the Mexican food offered there which is super close to the real thing you get in Mexico. I went for the “Carne Asada Taco” (3.95 USD per unit) with some “Agua Fresca de Jamaica” (3.75 USD) which was truly delicious. They offer a good selection of spicy sauces which you just really want with your Mexican food and the Agua de Jamaica is lovely.

The “Nopal Quesadilla” (4.50 USD per unit) was as interesting in terms of flavor as always – but the cheese could have been applied more generously and more evenly spread across the tortilla.

We were super lucky when we got there as we had to queue for about 5 minutes only. When we were done picking up our order, the line was about 15 meters long so waiting time had easily increased to 15-20 minutes.

And it is in thus far interesting as the menu is small – there isn’t much you can get but it was so close to the real thing that I get why people who truly appreciate Mexican food would come here and line up for some good tacos.

What I like about the place is the fact that you can look into the kitchen and you can see how they prepare your food right in front of you …

… and if you see how many people actually work there, you can only imagine how many tasty Mexican dishes they produce per day! I already want to go back to it now when writing about it!

So, if you are visiting Chelsea Market, make sure you give the Los Tacos No. 1 a try – definitely worth trying and don’t forget to put spicy sauce and some lime on it! Delicious!


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Restaurant Los Tacos No. 1 @ Chelsea Market

75 9th Avenue

10011 New York (US)

Tel.: +1 (212) 256 03 43

Homepage: http://www.lostacos1.com

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