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Lovely sushi tasting menu: Sushi Place @ Chelsea Market (17. June 2019)

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More because of lust than actual hunger, we decided to yet have another little dish which ended up in a “signature tasting” (35.00 USD) and started with “edamame”. The edamame was regular edamame but served cold which I liked quite a bit.

The first course was the “bluefin sashimi” which was absolutely delicious and super light.

The actual “tasting” consisted of “2pc salmon sushi, 2pc yellowtail sushi, 1pc albacore sushi, and 1pc mackerel sushi” and I must say the flavor of the fishes was great. And also the underlying rice was great.

The “spicy shrimp hand roll” and the “negi toro hand roll” were fine as well but nothing out of the ordinary. So, all in all, the signature tasting is definitely worth trying as I think you do not often get that quality of fish for that price. But you definitely have to be a bit patient in order to receive all your courses.

The “hot green tea” (4.00 USD) was quite a portion and it was good in terms of flavor. However, the service didn’t quite get that we needed a second cup, respectively it took them way too long to provide it.

What I liked a lot was the fact that you would be able to sit there and watch the chefs prepare everything while you’re waiting and/ or eating. It was also funny to observe how sometimes they would mix things up like e.g. there were two groups of three people next to us and the chefs somehow didn’t align and they brought two of one group their tasting and one of the other group hers. So, yeah, the two groups weren’t really eating all together. Which is funnier to observe than to experience!

All in all, the Sushi Place at the Chelsea Market is worth trying if you like sushi and aren’t in a rush!


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Sushi Place @ Chelsea Market

75 9th Avenue

10011 New York (US)

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