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When the Netflix series star runs a restaurant: Restaurant Momofuku Ssäm Bar (17. June 2019)

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The Momofuku Ssäm Bar is a place I have somehow heard about but never quite so explicitly. The place features in ‘Ugly Delicious’ on Netflix with the show host David Chang (who owns this restaurant) and is mentioned in ‘Chef’s Table’ in the episode about Christina Tosi (the creator of ‘Milk Bar’) but there isn’t some specific thing about Momofuku Ssäm Bar. In any case, it was time to give this place a try too and I was a bit surprised at first as it is a really down-to-earth place. Which has its own appeal.

The menu is small but offers every day some things which are not featured on the menu. We started the dinner with something on the menu though, the “Montauk striped bass tartare (white kimchi ice, daikon)” (16.00 USD) was refreshing, the fish was aromatic, and the combination of temperatures (with the shaved ice) and the textures was great.

The “steamed bao buns with pork belly” (6.50 USD per unit) were one of these ‘off the menu dishes’ and I must say while they were not bad. They were a bit disappointing as in nothing special.

The main course we went for was the “whole roasted fish Ssäm (ginger-scallion, bean sprouts, herbs)” (45.00 USD) which was absolutely outstanding. Wrapping it either in salad leaves or tortillas makes it a delicious dish!

Now, the “shrimp toast (avocado, pickled chilies)” (17.00 USD) which came right after it (and was supposed to be served before that) was delicious – especially in combination with the cream and the jalapeños which really added a notch to it. Given the timing was off, the waitresses decided by herself to just take the dish off the bill – a move I highly appreciate and consider something exquisite! In general, our waitress did an amazing job, she was super friendly, attentive, and when things got a bit wrong, she made more than up for it! Great!

The one thing which I was a bit sad about was the timing of the serving of the “rice cakes” (21.00 USD) was also an off the menu item as it was served at the very end when we were already almost full. Now, this was so damn delicious that I really wanted to eat more of it but it somehow didn’t work – unfortunately – as I was too stuffed. However, if this is on the menu or even if it is not, ask for it! Soooooo yummy!!!

What is also rather lovely – depending on where in the room you are – you can see the kitchen how they work and focus on creating these delicious dishes!

The entrance looks as unpretentious as the interior is and is just somehow generally nice – I liked the place a lot.

So, when you are in New York, put in some time to dine at the Momofuku Ssäm Bar – definitely worth a stop and to try it! And on top of all, price-wise very reasonable!


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Restaurant Momofuku Ssäm Bar

207 2nd Avenue

10003 New York (US)

Tel.: +1 212 254 3500

Homepage: https://ssambar.momofuku.com

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