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Lovely atmosphere and outstandingly delicious pulpo: Restaurant Gül (16. July 2019)

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When I had first visited the Gül, I was already very positively surprised as the place is atmospheric, there is a certain positive vibe to it, and it’s a bit different than many of the restaurants you find in Zurich. As it was a nice summer day, we were sitting outside and decided to go ‘tapas’ style and share the various dishes we picked. As a first course, we went for “Cig Köfte (the vegetarian classic served in a salad leaf)” (CHF 14.00) which is definitely tasty and refreshing for a summer day.

Next in line was “Hamsi (whole mini anchovies fried in oil and served with a lemon almond cream)” (CHF 12.50) which I loved. I’m a big fan of anchovies anyways and in combination with the cream, it turned out to be a great dish.

They also had a “special of the day” which was basically some kind of rice wrapped in wine leaves (CHF 10.00) and although it was relatively simple in terms of flavor and consistency, it turned out to be a very tasty dish.

The “Gül style pide (with cream cheese, red cipollotti and Belper Knolle)” (CHF 21.00) is good type of bread with some toppings.

What I liked quite a lot was the “Losuk (aka Kürt Yuvarlama: hand made bulgur dumplings served in yogurt with red basil nut butter)” (CHF 16.00). Frankly, it is nothing which is extraordinarily amazing in terms of what you’re served but it is somewhat tasty and the combination of the light yogurt with the nut butter just makes it very enjoyable.

What truly blew my mind was the “Ahtapot Külbasti” (CHF 34.00). I’m usually quite skeptical about sea food in Zurich as it is not really a city close to the sea. But the waitress persuaded us that the pulpo was great. And she was so damn right! I mean, it was just basically melting in your mouth and the topping and sauce which was on top of it just made it one of the most delicious things I’ve eaten in a long time.

Finally, the “baklava” (CHF 16.50) to finish off the dinner was also a good choice but it was too sweet for my personal gusto!

All in all, I really like the Gül as it is something different than most places you can find in Zurich and the food is quite delicious, fair in price, and the service really does its best to make you feel welcome and comfortable. Make sure you book a table in advance though as it is usually booked out.


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Restaurant Gül

Tellstrasse 22

8004 Zürich (CH)

Tel.: +41 44 431 90 90

E-Mail: yemek@guel.ch

Homepage: http://www.guel.ch

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