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A truly French experience – good but very traditional: Restaurant L’Auberge du Pont de Collonges aka Restaurant Paul Bocuse (4. August 2019)

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I always had a visit at Paul Bocuse on my to do list and with today, that to do is done. It was a lunch visit and I went for the “Menu Bourgeois” (EUR 235.00) which started with an “amuse bouche” which was absolutely delicious. I was absolutely excited after the first couple of bites!

And that remained like that after the second amuse bouche as the explosion of flavors was just absolutely outstanding!

Then, it was time to pick what you wanted from the menu, and I started the lunch with a “trilogy of ‘Périgord’ foie gras, fresh fruits chutney” which was absolutely good. Frankly speaking, not exquisite or outstanding – I have had better, tastier foie gras, but it was absolutely enjoyable.

The next course was a “sea bass stuffed in puff pastry shell, Choron sauce – freshly from the kitchen” which was shown to the table before being prepared for you …

… and when it was served it didn’t look too appealing. But, the fish was actually delicious in terms of consistency and flavor and in combination with the Choron sauce, which is not depicted in the picture, it turned out to be absolutely delicious!

The “cassis sorbet” which was served in between to clean your palate was a welcoming refreshing bite.

The “filet of Charolais beef and pan-cooked foie gras, bordelaise sauce” was too much for me. The meat was good but not outstanding (and it was lacking flavor) and the foie gras on top was just wow. But wow as in “too much”. I like foie gras (and I had overread the foie gras part when ordering this main) but it was just too much.

The little desserts served were lovely …

… and so was the “créme brûlée” …

… as well as the vanilla ice cream. I went for a small dessert variation as there were about 20 different things presented to you from which you could pick from!

Last but not least, you would get some friandises which were absolutely lovely to finish off lunch.

Now, there is a lot of attention to detail in the place and everything is labelled after the master himself. The plate, the house, the menu, everything.

What I liked was the fact that – on your way to the washrooms – you would pass the kitchen which was open and you get a live view into it. Unfortunately, I realized that only towards the end of the lunch!

The service is impeccable – very old-fashioned and traditional but impeccable.

It is really an experience but in terms of elements of surprise, I was a bit disappointed by it all. I mean, yeah sure, the food is good but I was just somehow missing the surprising part, the one which makes you enjoy the refined way of how things can be prepared. That is not really the case here – it is incredibly well-executed traditional French cuisine.

Wouldn’t want to miss the experience but I’m also not so keen on going again – been there, done that.


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Restaurant L’Auberge du Pont de Collonges aka Restaurant Paul Bocuse

Rue de la Plage 40

69660 Collonges-au-Mont-d’Or (F)

Tel.: +33 4 72 42 90 90

E-Mail: reservation@bocuse.fr

Homepage: https://www.bocuse.fr/en/paul-bocuse-restaurant.html

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