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A delicious Michelin star experience: Restaurant Neue Blumenau (17. September 2019)

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The restaurant “Neue Blumenau” has been on my to do list for approximately 6 months but so far I never managed to pay it a visit – today it was finally about time. I went for the “tasting menu” (CHF 152.00) and the “wine pairing” (CHF 45.00). The dinner started with “dry cured meat, shaved from the Grisons and tarte flambée with bacon” which was simple but delicious in taste.

They served a small selection of different breads with butters, olive oil and salt – perfect to stuff your belly while waiting.

The first course of the night were “scallops” which were still another amuse bouche. The amuse bouche was delightful in terms of flavor combination.

What I really loved though was the “hokaido pumpkin cream with various marinated pumpkins, hot smoked rose back of venison” as the meat was incredibly tender and smooth in flavor. Furthermore, the pumpkins just added the right amount of taste and flavor to the dish.

As a course in between, they offered “goose liver” served with a brioche and chutneys. Frankly, the goose liver was not entirely to my liking. I have definitely had better goose liver in the past. So, if I was to pick again, I’d skip the goose liver part.

The second official course of the menu was a “foam soup from Charlotte potatoes with graved Scottish salmon and caviar” …

… and while the soup was thick and had a good potato taste, the combination with the little cubes in the soup made it a delicious dish.

The next course was a “white wine risotto with grilled Chicorino rosso, Italian goat blue cheese, chestnuts from Truttiken served with honey”. The risotto was absolutely perfect as it was smooth and rich at the same time. The combination with the chestnuts and the honey was a great match. And I personally even liked the Italian blue cheese but if you had a bite which was too big, the taste of the blue cheese would be a bit overwhelming.

The main course was definitely the highlight of the meal. And so often exactly that isn’t the case as many restaurants often do not manage to keep up the high quality they deliver for the starters also for the mains. However, here, they were able to. The “grilled double beef entrecôte from Mörschwil, served with a breaburn-apple-rosemary sauce, crispy ‘rat potatoes’, celery and beans” was just absolutely amazing. The meat was exquisite and absolutely outstanding. When you took a bite you would just be having something like pure happiness in your mouth. An incredibly good feeling and taste! Absolutely loved it!

The “regional cheese wagon” was not as luscious as others I have previously seen but well sorted and the waitress knew her business when it came to the cheeses.

Ultimately, the cheese platter was quite delicious but there was a bit a lack of chutneys for my personal gusto.

All in all, the Restaurant Neue Blumenau is definitely a place I can highly recommend. The fact that we were the only guests that evening shows that during the week, people are not really ready yet for such an experience but it is definitely worth visiting! The prices for the food are fine but the beverages are a bit on the expensive side with CHF 11.00 for a liter of water or CHF 7.40 for a double espresso.

Besides the fact that the place is quite lovely, the food is good, and the service is very attentive and makes sure you have everything at all times. Admittedly, that is also not such a challenge when there are only two guests but it is definitely still great service. So, all in all, I can highly recommend the Neue Blumenau!


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Restaurant Neue Blumenau

Romanshornerstrasse 2

9308 Lömmenschwil (CH)

Tel.: +41 71 298 35 70

E-Mail: info@neueblumenau.ch

Homepage: http://www.neueblumenau.ch

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