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Simple, fast-food style Asian cuisine but tasty: Restaurant co-oa (28. September 2019)

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After a heavy day at the Oktoberfest, a slow start into the day is just the right thing to do – and the co-oa is actually quite a good selection for exactly that. I went for a “mango ice tea” (EUR 4.90) which helps you get into the day. The “Gyoza (backed Japanese dumplings with chicken vegetable stuffing)” (EUR 5.50) were rich in flavor and nicely stuffed so you would be able to enjoy a tasty snack to start.

The “edamame (Japanese green beans with sea salt)” (EUR 4.90) were rather regular and a bit too under cooked for my personal gusto. Frankly, I like them fresh and hot and those were rather ‘average’.

The “beef in leaf (beef meat balls wrapped in betel leaves)” (EUR 5.50) was okay as well but there were too many peanut crumbles overwhelming the taste of the actual meat balls.

The “crispy duck bowl” (EUR 8.90) really is a bargain for lunch. For only EUR 8.90 you get quite a portion of duck, rice and vegetables. It is not only quite a portion but also delicious in terms of flavor. I was very positively surprised.

On top of that, the place is spacious, the service is friendly, and the service is relatively swift. You have to wait a bit initially until they serve the first dish but once that’s achieved, things keep coming rather quickly making sure you won’t be starving and the food will be in place within a few minutes. All in all, I liked the co-oa as it is a simple place with good food and swift service. Really just what you potentially would want.


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Restaurant co-oa

Theresienhöhe 5

80339 München (DE)

Tel.: +49 89 24 58 10 08

E-Mail: info@cooacuisine.de

Homepage: http://www.cooacuisine.de

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