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Amazing for breakfast if you have time – and only if: Café Promenade (13. October 2019)

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The Café Promenade is the perfect place for breakfast if you have time, and absolutely only if you have time! The café is a little restaurant located in the park and you get to sit outside and enjoy the last rays of sun before winter comes. Now, while the view is incredibly lovely, what isn’t so lovely is the speed of service. The waitresses are just so incredibly slow and also largely inefficient. Walking by, not talking empty things, not really paying attention when you try to get them to your table to take an order. Well, just not swift at all!

The “parsley bread with anchovies on top” (EUR 4.10) was absolutely to my gusto as I like anchovies a lot and to get something before midday (when you could also order warm dishes), was perfect.

As I somehow felt like eating super healthy stuff, I went for some “raw vegetables like bell pepper, tomatoes, cucumber, radish, and carrots” (EUR 2.90) which was perfect to get ready for warm food.

The “hummus, herbs & vegetables (home-made hummus with many herbs, raw vegetables like radish, tomatoes up to cucumbers)” (EUR 5.90) was fine but not exactly what I had in mind. Somehow, I was expecting proper regular hummus and not a green version of it.

The “potato ham cheese croquettes” (EUR 3.90) with “truffled aioli” (EUR 1.80) was actually delicious. However, in comparison to the other dishes, this seemed a bit on the more expensive side (even though it is – absolutely speaking – still absolutely reasonable in price).

The “chorizo in red wine and honey” (EUR 3.80) was good and interesting at the same time. Interesting mainly because it had a slightly sour note due to the red wine and yet good because the sweetness of the honey really made it a great nibble.

I would definitely return to the Café Promenade again for breakfast or brunch – but again only if you have the time to wait and aren’t in a rush as else you will end up being super frustrated! Booking a table in advance for sunny Sundays is definitely recommended as else you might not have the chance to try it out!


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Café Promenade

Erzherzog-Johann-Allee 1

8010 Graz (AT)

Tel.: +43 316 81 38 40

E-Mail: promenade@aiola.at

Homepage: http://promenade.aiola.at

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