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Amazing Japanese Tepanyaki experience – prepared right in front of your eyes: Restaurant Fujiya of Japan (6. November 2019)

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I have been to the Fujiya of Japan about 4 years ago and it was already nice back then. But I haven’t been here for dinner and today was that day. I went for the “Chef Takahira San’s Signature Menu” (CHF 105.00) which started with “beef carpaccio with wasabi cream, sesame oil, rice vinegar” which was a tiny portion but perfect to get your palate started.

Next in line was a “miso soup with gyoza” which was fine.

The “mixed seasonal greens with Japanese sesame dressing” was much better than I had expected. I was somehow expecting a rather boring salad but it was much better than my expectation really!

Finally, it was time for the first course which was prepared right in front of our eyes on the grill – the “Ebi To Hotate Gai (black tiger prawns and scallops)” which were placed on the grill …

… simmered there (although with the heat level it’s probably not correct to call it simmering) …

… were furthermore prepared …

… and ultimately served. And I must say that I was a bit skeptical as I’m mostly with scallops but they were absolutely tasty and so were the king prawns.

The “Yaki Meshi (fried rice)” was the next ‘course’ to be prepared which was quite interesting to see (which you often don’t get to see).

And finally it was great to stuff your stomach a tiny bit given that it took quite some time until everything was prepared, so if you’re super hungry, then maybe you would want to eat a bit of something beforehand.

The next course looked very interesting on the grill, the “Kisetsu no yaki yasai (assorted vegetables)” …

… and was again prepared in front of you …

… to be finally served as an assortment of veggies which were surprisingly tasty.

The concept of the dinner is quite lovely all in all as you are seated around the grill and (in the picture left) the chef stands at the grill and prepares the food so everyone can see how things are done. It is great in terms of experience but it makes the conversation with others not entirely easy.

You also get a selection of sauces which become important for the actual main course …

… the “Gyu Hile (US tenderloin)”.

Which is again prepared on the grill …

… and finally served perfectly the way you had ordered it (i.e. medium rare). The meat was perfectly tender and lovely in terms of flavor. Something I had not expected really.

Finally, I went for an ice cream to finish off the dinner and that was not prepared as eventful as the rest of the courses on the grill ;-)

All in all, experiencing the tepanyaki preparation right in front of you is really an event and I can highly recommend it to anybody to pay this place a visit – definitely worth doing so! The service is also super friendly, attentive, and makes sure that your wine glass is refilled at all times. Booking in advance is highly recommended as there aren’t that many tables (due to the setup).


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Restaurant Fujiya of Japan

Tessinerplatz 5

8002 Zürich (CH)

Tel.: +41 44 208 15 55

Fax: +41 44 208 14 28

E-Mail: info@ascot.ch

Homepage: https://www.ascot.ch/de/die-restaurants/fujiya-of-japan

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