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When the service is beyond doubt – amazing experience: Restaurant Mammertsberg (20. November 2019)

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The Restaurant Mammertsberg was on my to do list for quite some time! And my sister finally persuaded me to try a place in the context of the “Nespresso Gourmet Week” and we went for the respective “Tasting Menu” (CHF 120.00).

When you enter you’re welcomed in a very friendly way and brought up to the first floor where you get your first little bites and you can enjoy your apéro. To get you started, you are served a variety of different grissinis in terms of color and taste.

Secondly, there is a little assortment of amuse bouches like the “corn-fed chicken chocolate backed on mango and curry” which was absolutely amazing and a “beet root cornet filled with créme fraîche and cumin” which was also good. What I perfectly liked the most was the “coal dust pillow, stuffed with a cocos curry cream”.

Once you’re seated they serve you different, flavored salts (e.g. chocolate salt) …

… together with bread and butter. What I liked the most was the fact that the bread was still warm and it was actually delicious!

Before the actual menu started, some more amuse bouches were brought to the table – a “sea bass roulade with pulpo wrapped in herbs, boiled filet chocolate served on a forest mushroom bed, Asian carrot panna cotta and Mediterranean créme fraîche mousse with beet root and basil”. It was perfect to get your palate started!

As the first course of the menu, they served “duck foie gras as a terrine in a pyramid cake coating, a duck foie gras chocolate with white cocoa butter, marinated kumquats, Jerusalem artichoke, and coffee crumbles” which was definitely good enjoyable. While I have had better foie gras before, my personal favorite was definitely the white cocoa butter chocolate!

The “Jersualem artichoke cappuccino with Nespresso Nepal Lamjung coffee” was very enjoyable. A bit too much foam for my personal gusto as it was kind of difficult to “reach” the liquid part of it but it was – overall – enjoyable.

Next in line were the “scallops served with a variation of pumpkins (pumkin seed sponge with pumpkin seed oil, vanilla beurre blanc, flavored with Nespresso Kenia Milimar” and I must say that the scallops were good but still didn’t reach the scallops I’ve had at the O Paparico a couple of years back!

The “back of venison, cooked in one piece, served with a little piece of filet, served with sautéed cep, juniper brioche with chocolate, cranberries, red cabbage, chestnuts, celery variations , Brussels sprouts leaves and veal jus” was amazing. Especially the filet! I think, I’ve never actually had filet of venison! It was so good! But the rest was great too! Definitely an amazing dish as a main course!

What I liked besides the taste was the fact that it was ultimately served with a perfectly square mirror of sauce! Looked lovely and tasted lovely!

I thought that the portion of “spaetzle” which was served with it was rather small but it turned out that it was actually absolutely okay in terms of size in the end.

The “chocolate-coffee-mascarpone-mousse with a jelly of the Americano grape, a sorbet of the same, marinated grapes, coffee crumbles, créme fraîche, and almond cream” was generally to my liking. A bit too heavy on the chocolate side (for me, not for normal people), but definitely a great ending to the dinner!

Although the actual ending were the chocolates served which were lovely. The only thing I did not like about the concept was the fact that there was just one of each – I personally would have preferred only three of them (instead of six) but two of each so one can evenly share and try everything which is served.

I really liked the interior of the place – spacious, stylish, modern!

What I would like to mention was the exquisite service of Mr. Simon Wyss who attended us that evening! The passion and dedication he had and showed throughout the whole evening was just what you would want when you get served. Unfortunately, one does not find competent waiters like him so often anymore (give this guy a raise)!

Now, even the outside of the restaurant is lovely! I must admit that all in all, I was very positively surprised by the Restaurant Mammertsberg!

The place is a bit remote but easily reachable by train from St. Gallen (and given you will probably drink one or two glasses of wine, I would recommend you to take public transport or the cab). The “Epico, 2015, Barbera d’Asti” (CHF 120.00) was a wine I didn’t know before today but I can definitely recommend you to try!

If you intend to dine at the Restaurant Mammertsberg make sure that you book early plus make sure you get attended by Mr. Simon Wyss! You’ll thank me! ;-)


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Restaurant Mammertsberg

Bahnhofstrasse 28

9306 Roggwil (CH)

Tel.: +41 (71) 455 28 28

E-Mail: info@mammertsberg.ch

Homepage: http://www.mammertsberg.ch

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