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Lovely dishes but service with an attitude: Restaurant Entenstuben (22. November 2019)

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When I had booked the restaurant a couple of months back, I wasn’t aware I was going to dine at a Michelin starred restaurant again in the same week. Well, given it was my 10th Michelin star in 8 days, it was just perfect to sit back, relax, and enjoy! The evening started with an amuse bouche served by the chef himself, Fabian Denninger. I must admit I like the fact that chef himself still takes the time to come to the table and explain the dish.

After a beginning which definitely served the purpose of waking my palate, it was time for the “tasting menu” (EUR 119.00) with the “wine pairing” (EUR 60.00). The menu started with a second amuse bouche which was as enjoyable as the first.

The menu is quite simple in terms of explanation – there isn’t too much information about what you’re going to eat but that is part of the surprise which I like. The first course was “BRIES and tounge of the veal, salsify, pinenuts” which was a nice start into the menu.

Although it was supposed to be served with the first course and wasn’t, it was good to get the bread. Not so much because of the bread itself (which was also good) but because of the “smoked butter” which was absolutely amazing!

Next in line was “Canadian lobster, chestnut, apple”. The lobster was great in terms of consistency and flavor – and the combination with the chestnut aromas really did the trick in terms of taste.

The “char from Ansbach, potato, black trumpet” was next in line and it was simple but enjoyable. Especially the smoothness of the potato base was great.

And it got even better once the sauce was poured over it! Lovely in terms of flavor!

The “Norwegian cod, Jerusalem artichoke, spinach” was one of my favorites as it combined one of my favorite vegetables (the Jerusalem artichoke) with a nice sauce and the cod was actually great in terms of consistency and flavor (I think, cods are way too often too chewy).

The main course was the “rose duck breast, red cabbage, orange” which looked incredibly appealing – and it tasted as it looked! Amazing! Given the restaurant is called ‘Entenstuben’ which means ‘duck living room’ (literal translation), I would have been surprised if the duck wouldn’t have been outstanding – but I’m glad it was!

The “wine cheese from Franconia, fenugreek and farmers’ bread” was something I was a bit skeptical about once I saw the dish as it looked a bit weird for a cheese dish (as I had expected something of a ‘regular cheese’ kind of dish). Now, I was positively surprised as I haven’t really tried anything similar (or maybe once) and it was actually enjoyable!

The “inbetween course” to cleanse your palate was a bit heavier than the regular ‘cleanse your palate sorbet’ but it was as enjoyable.

Finally, the last course of the menu was served – “braised pears, ginger bread, chocolate” which was absolutely to my gusto as I love ginger bread! The dish was mouth-wateringly good!

And last but not least, some good bye dishes were served, i.e. “chocolates (fudge, salted caramel toffee, strawberry jelly, almond cake, peanut butter cookie)” …

… and a “fruit tea foam and jelly”. All of the little chocolates were great in terms of taste! And the fact that they all had a bit of a variety in terms of consistency, added the nice little twist you’re looking for in a great restaurant!

All in all, I liked the experience at the Entenstuben a lot. The place is okay in terms of interior design – simple but nice but definitely not on the very impressive part in terms of atmosphere. In terms of service, I’m not so sure what to say. They did a good job but the waiter who attended us that evening was not really on the ‘excited’ part of things and would just kind of not smile when showing up. I get it if you are maybe not best friends with everyone but you could try to hide it a bit.

To sum it up, the Entenstuben is definitely a place worth visiting when you’re in Nuremberg – make sure to book in advance though as it is booked out quite quickly.


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Restaurant Entenstuben

Schranke 9

90489 Nuremberg (DE)

Tel.: +49 91 15 20 91 28

Fax: +49 91 15 20 91 64

E-Mail: info@restaurant-entenstuben.de

Homepage: http://www.entenstuben.de

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