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Traditional location, dedicated service, and interesting bites: Restaurant Essigbrätlein (23. November 2019)

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And finally time for the Michelin stars number 11 and 12 in 9 days. The Essigbrätlein has 2 Michelin stars and I think that’s deserved. I already had a positive impression of the location as the entrance is a bit hidden (and you have to be attentive to spot it) and there is something like a door bell but it’s like a little handle you have to pull down – so old-fashioned but lovely!

The restaurant is in a rather old building which leads to the fact that the restaurant area is divided in many small rooms – which is a bit uncommon and weird but again very nice on the other side. Once we were seated and had picked the menu, the ceremony started with “mushroom foam with anise oil” and while I was a bit skeptical as both of them are not really my most favorite ingredients in the world, it turned out to be absolutely delicious!

The “pickled radish, whey, dried cranberries” were not only served in an interesting way, they were also absolutely delicious!

The “endive, mint, smoke vinaigrette” looked a bit funny at first as it looked like there would only be salad – but if you dipped the salad in the sauce, it actually turned out to be a simple, refreshing, and very palatable dish.

The “wraps” were great! I also like how they play with the way they serve things – each of them was so different!

Okay, not each of them, but most of them ;-) The “roasted sunflower, cream of flower leaves, sour cream” was again great. Especially the roasted sunflower (not the seeds !!!) was amazing in terms flavor!

Next, the “green beans butter” …

… with “sour dough bread” was served. And while I liked the bread a lot, the butter was – especially compared to the smoked butter I’ve had yesterday – somewhat disappointing!

The actual tasting menu (179.00 EUR) started only now with “Green vegetables” which were “spinach, camomile reduction, sorrel, disc mayweed on top”. When I saw all that green I was kind of “okay …….” but my mind changed right away after I’ve tried the first bite! It was absolutely amazing!

The “char with beans” looked incredibly simple but again it was a great combination of different textures, consistencies, and flavors!

One of my favorite dishes (I never thought I’d say that) was “cauliflower” as it was a perfect combination of different textures and consistencies. And the fact that the very thinly sliced cauliflower on top was roasted and tasted amazing really helped! Loved the dish!

Next in line was “red cabbage”. Very simple, you’d think, and that’s probably true! But it was not only simple, it was also super delicious!

The next course was “pickled vegetables” which I loved. The basis of the dish was potato mash and in combination with the sour taste of the pickled vegetables and the base of the “green sauce”, it was delicious!

The main course looked kind of heavy but the “stag with herbs” was actually great! The meat was tender and rich and full of different aromas ranging from sweetness to smokey flavors from the grill – just perfect!

I had never heard of “blackthorn or lavender” but I must say the dessert was perfect! Not sure how to describe the flavors I’ve tried here but they are definitely that good that they are worth trying!

Last but not least, you would get a selection of different chocolates which is one of the best ways to end a dinner as it is easily sharable and it puts variety on the plate to finish the day.

We took a “Paladin, Amarone della Valpolicella, 2011” (EUR 89.00) as the accompanying wine which fit quite well given it was heavy (as I like it) but it also had a sweet note to it.

The service did a good job as they were swift and generally professional as the water glass didn’t get empty and the plates came in a speed which made eating enjoyable (not too slow and not too hasty). Personally, I’d definitely would pay the Essigbrätlein a visit again as it is a lovely place with good service, tasty dishes, and still a fair price!


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Restaurant Essigbrätlein

Weinmarkt 3

90403 Nürnberg (DE)

Tel.: +49 911 22 51 31

Homepage: http://www.essigbraetlein.de

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