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Perfect local bratwurst experience: Restaurant Bratwurstglöcklein im Handwerkerhof (24. November 2019)

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I was looking for a very traditional ‘bratwurst’ place in Nuremberg which is the birth place of the famous ‘Nürnberger Rostbratwürste’ and I found the Bratwurstglöcklein (little bratwurst bell) – and I was wondering why the place was called like this. I figured once the first round was served “6 Rostbratwürste from Nuremberg with potato sald” (EUR 8.50) – as the ‘plate’ was bell-shaped! :) I liked the bratwursts and also the potato salad was good – worth trying!

The “lamb’s lettuce with crispy bacon, onions and croutons” (EUR 4.70) on the other hand wasn’t anything spectacular and – honestly speaking – the salad sauce tasted like water. But maybe in terms of balancing the meat out, not a bad choice anyway.

Given I was curious what “sour lappets” (aka “Saure Zipfel”) are, I went for “6 ‘Saure Zipfel’ prepared in a white wine stock” (EUR 8.50) – and it’s basically bratwursts cooked in a wine broth. Now, they are good too but I definitely liked the grilled ones better!

The place is relatively small, traditional, and somewhat appealing in terms of interior design. It is also rather traditional in terms of what you experience – the waiters and waitresses don’t really speak English but enough to do their jobs.

So, if you want to try the specialty of Nuremberg, you should definitely visit the Bratwurstglöcklein! Booking in advance might be recommended if you want to have lunch here (it was quite empty when we arrived at midday but when we left 45 minutes later, it was super crowded and people were waiting outside to get a table)!


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Restaurant Bratwurstglöcklein im Handwerkerhof

Waffenhof 5

90402 Nürnberg (DE)

Tel.: +49 911 22 76 25

Fax: +49 911 22 76 45

E-Mail: info@bratwurstglöcklein.de

Homepage: http://www.bratwurst-gloecklein.de

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