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An exquisite dinner in a traditional setup: Restaurant Zum Goldenen Schäfli (27. November 2019)

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For years I have had the “Zum Goldenen Schäfli” on my to do list and still have never managed to pay the place a visit. Finally, it was time to do so! I went for the “roasted milke served in a mustard sauce and salad” (CHF 20.00). As simple as the dish is and as simple as it looks, as absolutely delicious it was. The milke was absolutely tender and basically melted like butter in your mouth! Amazing really!

The “veal cordon bleu served with vegetables from the market” (CHF 42.00) and “tagliatelle” (CHF 6.00) was delicious as well! What was a bit of a disappointment for me were the tagliatelle – not in terms of quality and flavor. But the fact that if you asked for a second round of noodles they would charge you another CHF 6.00. I get that you pay for a side dish (although I personally think it’s kind of questionable) but if you order a bit more noodles you get charged again – not cool!

The “cheese selection” (CHF 16.00) is okay in terms of taste but if you look at the variety which includes rather simple cheeses like Jersey blue or a regular brie, I think CHF 16.00 is too much.

The place is lovely as it is kind of an old 1st floor restaurant refurbished so it is old but feels comfortable anyways. The service is very friendly and helpful throughout the evening and overall very jovial and joyful which I quite liked. The fact that the prices are a bit at the upper end (especially for St. Gallen) and the fact that they charge horrendous prices for the menu of the day (which is not on the regular menu) but don’t tell you how much it would cost when they talk about it, seems really not nice plus kind of leaves a sour aftertaste! Pity, as else, the Zum Goldenen Schäfli really is an amazing place I will definitely return to (despite the prices)!


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Restaurant Zum Goldenen Schäfli

Metzgergasse 5

9000 St. Gallen (CH)

Tel.: +41 (71) 223 37 37

E-Mail: info@zumgoldenenschaeflisg.ch

Homepage: http://www.zumgoldenenschaeflisg.ch

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