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Delicious 1 Michelin star dinner with exquisite service: Gourmetrestaurant OLIVO (17. December 2019)

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Given I had an evening in Stuttgart to spend, I decided to try one of the Michelin-starred restaurants. I actually tried getting a table at a variety of restaurants but it turned out that most of them were booked out which was a bit surprising to me for a Tuesday evening in the week before Christmas. However, luckily enough, I was able to get a table at the OLIVO which carries one Michelin star.

The OLIVO is located on the first floor of the Steigenberger Graf Zeppelin hotel and you can definitely see that the hotel is already a bit aged in terms of interior decoration. However, the restaurant is different in terms of how it is designed and overall nice. Nothing spectacular in terms of interior decoration and also rather small in terms of size but there are about 10 tables and you can probably seat around 30 people. In any case, the restaurant was still half empty that evening.

Once received and seated, I was attended throughout the whole evening in a friendly, attentive and swift manner. I started with a little apéro drink called “Tete-Bonical-Tonic, Amabuki, Kyushu” (EUR 9.50) which was refreshing and overall good. The first course were little amuse bouches from the kitchen like “tuna tartar, deer, smoked fish” and it was a good start for your palate to get going.

Secondly, they served an oyster plus four different types of bread with three butters which were absolutely amazing. I almost finished the whole bread in about 20 minutes (also in parallel to the other dishes which were served) as it was just tasty.

And finally, before the menu actually started, they served yet another amuse bouche from the kitchen which was a delicious ending of the starters from the kitchen.

Finally, it was time for the “Five Course Menu” (EUR 154.00) to start. Personally, I think EUR 154.00 for a five course menu – even if carrying a Michelin star – is a bit expensive for Germany. Not saying it is unreasonable at all but I was a bit surprised (was more counting on EUR 120.00 or the like). In any case, the first course was a “Luma veal tatar with kohlrabi, Savora mustard, hazelnut” (usually, EUR 36.00) which was great. I mean, all Luma products are usually outstanding and so was this one. The combination with the kohlrabi was a very enjoyable one. Almost a bit too heavy on the kohlrabi side for my personal gusto but all in all great to start.

The second course was “flamed black cod with yuzu, kimizu and cualiflower” (usually, EUR 40.00). I was a bit skeptical in terms of the flavors of the dish but it turned out to be exquisite. The cod was perfect in terms of consistency and the broth in which it was served was just mouth-watering. And, to me personally surprisingly, the cauliflower was actually breath-taking.

Next in line was a “French dove ‘Royal’ served with Jersualem artichoke, cranberries, parsley, and buckwheat” (usually, EUR 52.00) which looked absolutely perfect when served. I mean, look how the dove was wrapped in that Jerusalem artichoke. Amazing, no? The glaze on which the dove was laid on was intense and good in terms of flavor. And that is also true for the side elements of the dish like the cranberries and the buckwheat. However, I personally didn’t like the taste of the dove that much.

The “cheese selection from the Jumiversum (cow, goat, sheep)” (usually, EUR 24.00) was something I was looking forward to since I had that Cheese Fondue from the Jumiversum in the SWISS First Class Lounge and had ordered cheese fondue from them to enjoy at home.

The pre dessert was “sallow thorn with walnut granola and curd” which did not only look absolutely amazing but was also great in terms of consistencies and flavor. Especially the combination of the crispiness of the granola with the smoothness of the curd made it a great dish.

The actual dessert was “pear, tarragon, yogurt, honey” (usually, EUR 20.00) which I absolutely adored because the flavor of the pear was good and the combination with the honey comb like cookies really made it for me.

Finally, there was an assortment of different little bites like “dulce de leche, sour cherry, tangerine, madeline, nougat, piña colada” which were all just lovely. And the “double espresso” (EUR 3.80) was not only good but also fair in price.

All in all, I loved the evening at the Gourmetrestaurant OLIVO – they truly manage to create a dinner journey which is highly enjoyable. Ranging from the food to the fact that the head chef comes up to you to talk to you if you liked your experience towards the end of the evening. So, all in all, it is definitely a place you can pay a visit to when you are in Stuttgart. Or you even should.


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Gourmetrestaurant OLIVO

Steigenberger Hotel Graf Zeppelin

Arnulf-Klett-Platz 7

70173 Stuttgart (DE)

Tel.: +49 711 204 82 77

E-Mail: olivo@stuttgart.steigenberger.de

Homepage: http://www.steigenberger.com

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