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Absolutely perfect lunch offering: Wirtschaft Zur alten Post (19. December 2019)

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The Restaurant Wirtschaft zur alten Post is definitely a place I can still recommend as the food is absolutely delicious and keeps being so. They offer a decent lunch menu for a fair price. I went for a “saffron fennel foam soup with lime oil” (CHF 5.80 as the menu soup) which was not only a decent portion but was also great in terms of flavor and taste. So, definitely a great start for lunch.

The “lemon ricotta ravioli served with fried ceps and tomato ragout” (CHF 23.80) were delicious. The pasta was cooked almost perfectly al dente. The stuffing of the ravioli was delicious and the portion was larger than expected, meaning, you were stuffed after having had your menu (which it didn’t look like at first once we were served the dish).

I super liked the atmosphere. There is a restaurant area on the first floor and one on the second floor (of which I wasn’t aware so far) and we were placed on the second floor today. The place is cozy, modern and yet traditional and all in all you just feel very comfortable sitting down. The service is good (i.e., they are super attentive and friendly) and all is brought to you within a very feasible time frame.

If you want to have lunch here, you should definitely book your table in advance – else you probably won’t get a seat. The prices are totally fair for what you get which is also true for the beverages (i.e. CHF 3.90 for 0.3l Henniez or CHF 5.40 for a double espresso).


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Wirtschaft Zur alten Post

Gallusstrasse 4

9000 St. Gallen (CH)

Tel.: +41 71 222 66 01

E-Mail: info@apost.ch

Homepage: https://www.apost.ch/wirtschaft-zur-alten-post

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