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One of the few places which serves tasty (!) food around 5pm: Restaurant El Pimpi (22. December 2019)

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The El Pimpi was described as the most traditional restaurant in Málaga and given it was one of the few which was actually open around 5pm (which is not a time when Spaniards usually eat), it was perfect. The place is generally rather old and quite huge as it is somehow like a ‘dungeon’ (not really but it feels a bit like it). In any case, the place was packed and it wasn’t entirely easy to score a table.

Once seated, it was time for “Ligerito ‘Pringá’ (spread made with mixed meats)” (EUR 3.00) with “Ligerito ‘Piripi’ (pork loin, fresh tomato, bacon, cheese & aioli)” (EUR 3.00) which were both delicious. Ligerito is apparently kind of their own Pintxo. In any case, recommended.

The “lightly battered aubergine with sugarcane-syrup dressing” (EUR 10.00) was quite a portion. I know that usually one adds sugarcane-syrup to the dish but frankly it did not improve the dish. I liked them just the way they were.

What I keep forgetting is the size of the portions people get served in Spain. The “adobo (marinated battered fish pieces)” (EUR 11.00) as well as the “Fried Calamari (with tangy mayonnaise)” (EUR 14.50) were both absolutely huge portions. What is to be admitted though is the quality of the dish. The calamari was not chewy at all and the adobo was juicy and super yummy with some lemon juice. A bit on the salty side, admittedly, but still delicious.

For the fact that the place is super crowded and there are a million people going through the restaurant (you can enter it from two sides), the service is absolutely swift and you get your drinks (agua con gas (EUR 2.10), Rivero Tinto (EUR 2.30)) within a few minutes and likewise, the food is served rather swiftly. So, if you want to taste traditional Spanish food in a nice setting, the El Pimpi can definitely be visited.


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Restaurant El Pimpi

Calle Granada 62

29015 Málaga (E)

Tel.: +34 952 22 54 03

E-Mail: reservas@elpimpi.com

Homepage: http://www.elpimpi.com

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