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Definitely not recommended to visit: AC Lounge @ AC Hotel by Marriott Malaga Palacio (24. December 2019)

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You figure that the service is absolutely not on top of things when you have to wait for more than 15 minutes to place your order. And then you have to wait another 30 minutes for your “Iberian ham with toast and tomato” which is supposed to be EUR 23.00 according to the menu but is actually just EUR 18.00 according to the bill. Now, I’m not complaining about it being cheaper than advertised (and I think that’s more appropriate) but frankly speaking waiting about 30+ minutes for some ham is just ridiculous.

Furthermore, although ordered as a second course, it was served at the same time. The “warm quinoa salad with seasonal mushroom, green asparagus and roasted sweet potato” (EUR 14.00) was at best lukewarm and was frankly speaking nothing great in terms of flavor. Furthermore, the water I had ordered wasn’t there when the dishes were served.

So, frankly, in terms of service. This place isn’t really up to any task! But to be fair, there are a few good exceptions. There was one guy who was obviously the guy in charge which was taking care of literally everything. His aids though were no help at all, wandering around like brain-less zombies! Sounds harsh but frankly, this was just unacceptable!

The “fig tartalet with white chocolate mousse and lime” (EUR 6.50) was actually quite good though. At least.

Now, when I ordered the bill, it took them another 15 minutes until they served it. And then they would not leave a pen or a terminal to pay the bill. So, I just walked up to the bar, took a pen, signed the bill and left. Frankly, this is a massive no go! I get it, it’s Christmas evening, the place is full, you’re not used to that. But then at least prepare! So, frankly, not recommended!


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AC Lounge @ AC Hotel by Marriott Malaga Palacio

Calle Cortina del Muelle 1

29015 Málaga (E)

Tel.: +34 952 21 51 85

Homepage: https://www.marriott.com/hotels/hotel-information/restaurant/agpmg-ac-hotel-malaga-palacio/

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