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The perfect tapas place inspired by Argentina: Restaurant Blossom Patagonia Café (25. December 2019)

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According to TripAdvisor, the Blossom Patagonia Café is the best restaurant and I was a bit skeptical at first as the place is super tiny and is more like a little nibbles place than a proper restaurant but it turns out, first looks can be deceiving! I went for the “cheese tasting (manchego, brie, blue leaf cheese, Parmesano, goat cheese)” (EUR 13.00) as well as the “Charcuterie Tasting (Iberian Ham, Acorn-fed Loin, Acorn-fed Salchichon, Iberian Chorizo, Prok Bondiola)” (EUR 18.50) which would have been absolutely enough already. The selection was nice as you get to eat a bit of everything and there isn’t too much of it (although it looks like but that’s mainly because there is paper on the ground of each of the inlays so it is not as full as it looks).

The “provencal boquerones” (EUR 3.00) and the”Patatas Bravas” (EUR 5.70) were next in line. The sardines weren’t all that special but the patatas bravas were quite tasty, especially since they had little cuts of ham in it.

Last but not least, given it was an Argentinean place, I had to try the “Empanada” (EUR 3.00) which was an empanada really. I mean, it was just that, nothing extraordinary. So, if you are there, go for the Spanish tapas dishes – they are great.

Although the place was crowded, the service staff made sure you’re taken care of throughout the whole time and that at all times someone was there for your requests. So, all in all, I am not sure I would call the Blossom Patagonia Café the best restaurant in Málaga but I am very sure I would recommend it at all times for a tapas stop!


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Restaurant Blossom Patagonia Café

Calle Strachan 11

Loc 2

29015 Málaga (E)

Tel.: +34 605 84 54 27

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