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Lovely interior, great food, and good service: Restaurant Alameda (26. December 2019)

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Recently, I started to rely more and more on the “Guide Michelin 2019” app and in most cases it has turned out to be a good guide – ultimately also today. At first, I wanted to visit another restaurant which was closer to my hotel but it turned out that it didn’t exist anymore! However, the next closes restaurant was Alameda and this turned out to be true gem. But first impressions can be irritating as when I arrived at around 1:30pm, it was basically empty. So I was free to pick a table and I went straight for some food which was tickling my senses like the “oxtail croquettes” (EUR 14.00) which were great.

The “langostinos tigre envueltos en hoja de albahaca y fritos (basil leave-wrapped and fried tiger prawns)” (EUR 18.00) looked not only nice but with that Thai basil leave in the middle, it also provided that little extra in terms of flavor making it another delicious experience.

The “ensalada de quinoa, remolacha y crudités (quinoa salad with beet and ‘cruditées’)” (EUR 12.00) was fine. It definitely looked amazing and was appealing in terms of presentation but it was also nothing special in terms flavor.

The “white chocolate soup with mango ice cream and toffee” (EUR 6.50) was lovely – although it wasn’t really that much of a ‘white chocolate’ flavor you can get there. Still, very enjoyable from my point of view.

Once you’re seated and have placed your order, you’re served “pan blanco y mantequilla ahumada” (EUR 1.80) which was nice (especially the smoked butter, the bread wasn’t special) and I had to ask for the bread. I mean, they served olives and butter but then nobody cared to bring some bread which kind of defeated the purpose of that butter.

All in all, the service was friendly, attentive, and did a good job. Only when it came to the moment where I had asked for my second bottle of water, they kind of seemed to not work on that. I had to ask twice (and two different waitresses) to get that second bottle.

All in all, the Restaurant Alameda is not only a place which is lovely in terms of interior design but it is also very well booked (it was full when I left around 3pm) and the food is great, the prices are fair, and the service does – generally – a good job! Booking might be very well advised if you want to make sure you actually get to sit down and get a table for lunch.


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Restaurant Alameda

Calle Rector Morata 3

18009 Granada (E)

Tel.: +34 958 22 15 07

E-Mail: restaurante@alameda.com.es

Homepage: http://alameda.com.es

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