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Nice experience in a former monastery: Restaurant Alacena de las Monjas (26. December 2019)

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The Alacena de las Monjas is basically an old crypt which has been repurposed as a restaurant and is rather nice in terms of atmosphere. The upper part on ground level isn’t all that appealing but once you walk down and are seated in one of the little cave, things lighten up. You are getting started with “degustacíon de aceite y pan de la tierra y aperitivo del chef” (EUR 2.00) which is okay in terms of quality and flavors as the olive oil is actually quite tasty.

The “gazpacho con beetroot and mango sorbet” as an amuse bouche from the kitchen is a very pleasant surprise as the combination of the gazpacho with the sorbet is a nice interplay between salty and sweet as well as between cold and even colder.

The “surtido de croquetas caseras” (EUR 10.00) is fine as you get meat croquetas and rape croquetas and both of them are actually very enjoyable.

The “nuestras berenjenas (con espuma de miel de caña)” (EUR 12.00) are a modern interpretation of berenjenas (eggplants) as you usually get them – as they are fried sticks and the sauce, the sugarcane syrup foam, is absolutely lovely and light.

Apparently, their specialty is all things tuna, so I decided to go for a tuna dish as a main course. The “armonía e atún on tres cortes del ronqueo (sashimi, tartar, daditos de atún picante)” (EUR 25.00) was actually surprisingly good (i.e. much better than expected). The sashimi was tasty in flavor, however, there was too much salt on it which you had to scrape off before enjoying it. The tatar was great and so were the little cubes but the seaweed bed on which it was served was, from my point of view, unnecessary.

So, if you look for a good meal in a nice atmosphere, the Alacena de las Monjas is definitely a place you should consider when in Granada.

Furthermore, the responsible waiter was very friendly and helpful at all times making sure you would get everything you needed in due time – including the ordering of the bill. Booking in advance is recommended as the place isn’t all that huge as it might seem.


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Restaurant Alacena de las Monjas

Plaza del Padre Suárez 5

18009 Granada (E)

Tel.: +34 958 22 95 19

E-Mail: info@alacenadelasmonjas.com

Homepage: http://www.alacenadelasmonjas.com

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