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Amazing view over the city of Granada: Restaurant Arriaga (28. December 2019)

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The Arriaga is famous for its location which is on top of a building where you get a nice view all over Granada. The view is interesting as it shows a different picture of the city from above. The evening started a bit funny as at first they were not able to encounter my reservation as they had written down the reservation not under my last name but under my first name … and wrongly so “Suen”.

Once that was resolved, it took them a bit to attend the table as it seemed other tables had higher priority. Once the menu was brought and the order was placed, some “bread and extra virgin olive oil” (EUR 2.50) were served.

The view from the top is truly lovely and so is the interior decoration of the place.

I went for the “Medio Camino Andalúz” (EUR 55.00) which started with “Huelva – navajas de su playa al natural, con aceitunas aliñadas y maceradas por nosotros” which was reminding me of the menu at Martin Beresategui I recently visited in San Sebastián. The fake olive with the sea jelly was interesting but too much of a flashback in that way.

The “Cádiz – sobre una crema de huevo frito y ortiguillas, cañaillas y fritura de adobo con tallos de lechuga aliñados” was nice but also too fishy for me.

However, the next course, the “Jaen – buscando las setas silvestres bajo la tierra y las hojas con morro ibérico confitado y cremoso de fécula” was not only interesting as it looked like you were eating soil but you actually had to dig and find the rest of the dish. Personally, definitely one of the better dishes.

The “Granada – rape de lonja de Motril, asado en brasa de encina, holandesa de vaca vieja y centra de cebolla quemada” was okay in terms of fish quality, good in terms of sauce, and super delicious in terms of onion.

The “Córdoba – hebras de carne de toro de lidia, envuelto en papel de cebolla, foié fresco y parmentiere de mantequilla” was a solid course. The meat was tender and rich in terms of flavor, the onion paper which covered the piece of meat was great, and ultimately, the sauce was rich.

The dessert was a true spectacle. At first, you wouldn’t exactly know what you get as you had the three pieces of strawberry on the plate and the chocolate crumbles. But the “Huevo de la Alhambra – roto en el plato, piedras de cacao, infusión cuajada de fresas frescas” was really something extraordinary. The waitress asked you to put on a napkin which covers you well as she didn’t want to spill your shirt. Wondering why, I realized quickly that the reasoning was just that basically the egg which was made of chocolate, had to be smashed onto the plate. And the waitress skillfully did so.

While the initial service experience wasn’t entirely to my liking, the quality of the service massively improved over the course of the evening as the waitress which was responsible for the table really did an excellent job.

All in all, the experience at the Arriaga is a pleasant one as you have a marvelous view, you’re welcomed by the chef himself, the service can be exquisite, and the food is good too. Not extraordinary really but pleasant and enjoyable – and all of that for a very fair price. The prices are also okay for the beverages, e.g. “agua con gas” (EUR 3.00) or “café” (EUR 3.50). So, if you are into a nice view over Granada, the Arriaga is a place I can recommend. Best if you book in advance as people were sent away as the place was booked out.


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Restaurant Arriaga

Avenida de las Ciencias 2

18006 Granada (E)

Tel.: +34 958 13 26 19

E-Mail: info@restaurantearriaga.com

Homepage: http://www.restaurantearriaga.com

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