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Quite a horrible dinner experience: AC Lounge @ AC Hotel Córdoba (30. December 2019)

| February 10, 2020

When you are too lazy to leave the hotel, then usually dining at the hotel premise turns out to be a good idea. In this case, I’m not entirely sure. I went down at around 7:40 pm to try to get some food from the kitchen in the AC Lounge restaurant. Now, there was absolutely nobody around, neither at the bar or the restaurant, so I went to ask at the reception when suddenly someone showed up, informing me that dinner was only at 8pm (rather snappy). So, I inquired if the bar was open and it turns out it was but the ‘excitement’ of the bar lady to attend was about close to the frosting point.

When I had ordered a “mojito” (EUR 6.00), the answer of the waitress was “mojito, no!” when I started getting pissed, she said that she will check if it is doable and disappeared into the kitchen – and tada, it was. Now, I appreciate that you go check. What I do not appreciate is the way she answered when I politely had asked for a mojito. If you just tell me that you have run out of mint leaves or something, fine, I can take it. But “Mojito, no!” is just not the way you treat your customer – ever!

Once she figured that the premise would not be left before some food was brought, she showed up at 7:59pm to take up the order and I went for the “1/2 Anchoas (sobre tostas con tomates secos y parmesano)” (EUR 8.00) which were enjoyable.

The “sardinillas (tostas de centeno con tomate natural y brotes tiernos)” (EUR 8.00) were as well rather good.

But the “finger de pollo (marinados con aceite de sésamo y jengibre, rebozados con kikos y mahonesa de soja)” (EUR 12.00) were semi-enjoyable. I had the feeling that some of them weren’t fried enough plus there wasn’t really enough batter there. So, on average the food was good but nothing extraordinary. If you stay here, fine, go and have dinner, if you don’t, don’t!

So, to sum it up. Acceptable, but not more than that. And that’s really a pity as the hotel is surprisingly better than I had expected – friendly staff, good rooms, fair prices, and even decent breakfast. But that evening was just a no go!


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AC Lounge @ AC Hotel Córdoba

Av. de la Libertad 24

14006 Córdoba (E)

Tel.: +34 957 76 83 80

Homepage: https://www.marriott.com/hotels/travel/odbco-ac-hotel-cordoba/

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