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An interesting back alley experience: Restaurant Passadis del Pep (10. January 2020)

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I was recommended the Passadis del Pep, so I decided to give it a try. And frankly, overall, I liked the experience. it is a bit tricky to find the restaurant overall but once you’re in, they explain to you how the concept work, which is basically, they bring you a variety of different plates until you tell them to stop – not really asking what you like or don’t like but I think that’s part of the charm of it. It all started with “half a plate of jamón iberico” (EUR 19.80) which was – as mostly – good.

Next in line was “half a plate of gamba cristal con pimiento” (EUR 19.90). Now, the gambas were not really gambas but mostly batter so it was crispy but it lacked the flavor of actual prawns. The pimientos on the other hand were absolutely enjoyable.

The “180gr, calamar a la plancha” (EUR 10.80) was great as it was tender and not chewy at all like it so often – unfortunately – is. The texture was good and overall, it was a lovely little course.

The “120gr, rossinyol con foie” (EUR 16.08) was good as the mussels were flavorful and overall enjoyable.

The “240gr, almejas al Vino Blanco y jamón” (EUR 19.60) which was on the bill wasn’t really what was served – what we see here are mushrooms served with a fresh egg yolk and then all mixed together. They were good, enjoyable, but frankly not sure that charging EUR 19.60 for this is appropriate.

Next were the “165gr, cigalas con cebolla confitada” (EUR 16.17) which were actually super tasty. However, they could have been a bit bigger so more of the flavor would have been carried with. Plus, there wasn’t much ‘meat’ in them.

What was truly amazing was the job of the waiter. He was super caring, friendly, even offered a bottle of “Reovellats Imperial” on the house which made it a very nice welcome. I went for a bottle of “Haciendo Monasterio, Ribera, 2016” (EUR 58.25) which was – as always – very enjoyable.

As initially stated, it is not entirely easy to find the entrance to the restaurant as there is absolutely no sign and you have to walk into a house entrance to then basically finally walk into the restaurant.

To sum it up, the Passadis del Pep is a lovely place which offers traditional, tasty food and has an incredibly good and caring service. So, all in all, I must say, the Passadis del Pep was a good first evening in Barcelona after not having been here for more than 3 years. Booking in advance is highly recommended as the place isn’t super big and it is relatively packed.


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Restaurant Passadis del Pep

Pla de Palau 2

08003 Barcelona (E)

Tel.: +34 933 10 10 21

E-Mail: restaurant@passadis.com

Homepage: http://www.passadis.com

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