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Great view onto the harbor and good food: Restaurant 1881 by Sagardi (11. January 2020)

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The 1881 by Sagardi is nice due to the setting of the restaurant which is located on the top floor of the Museu d’Història de Catalunya and provides – especially during the day – a nice view onto Barcelona. I decided to try a couple of different things and went for “1/2 Iberian Ham Croquettes” (EUR 6.00) and “1/2 Shrimp croquettes with saffron mayonnaise” (EUR 7.00). Both were actually good and worth trying. I liked the fact that the waiter offered to mix the two plates as you can actually not have it as a mixed plate.

As a starter I went for the “matured beef steak tartare” (EUR 18.00) which was quite a portion but it was also absolutely enjoyable, i.e., the beef was delicious and definitely made sure you would enjoy your starter.

I decided to go for a fresh fish and went for the “wild turbot from the port of San Juan de Luz, 900gr” (EUR 81.00). Given I was hungry, I was assuming that 900gr was actually enough considering the bones, the skin, and the fact that the fish would shrink in the cooking process.

It did shrink. And quite a bit. Frankly, the amount of fish you get to eat …

… even considering head and tail, is just absolutely unacceptable. I mean, the fish was absolutely great, to be honest, however, the pure fact that you pay EUR 81.00 and you get two tiny bites is off.

The “Pan Artesano” (EUR 2.20) they served with olive oil and a skewer of anchovies and olives was good and absolutely enjoyable.

I must admit that they had one waiter from Menorca who really did a marvelous job. He was swift, helping, friendly, and jovial at the same time making the whole experience a very enjoyable one. All in all, the 1881 by Sagardi is a good place to get some great food and during the day even a place to get an amazing view all over Barcelona. However, make sure to order something else than the fish from the market as it is not worth paying for (the fish is just too expensive for the amount you get). Else, worth visiting!


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Restaurant 1881 by Sagardi

Museu d’Història de Catalunya

Plaça de Pau Vila 3

08003 Barcelona (E)

Tel.: +34 932 21 00 50

Homepage: http://gruposagardi.com/en/restaurant/1881-by-sagardi/

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