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More than worth trying – delicious vegetarian lunch option: Restaurant Neue Taverne (24. January 2020)

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When my friend invited to the “Neue Taverne”, I was a bit surprised as it is – at least by name – a vegetarian restaurant. Now, of course, and still, I was skeptical. But then again I thought one should give it a try plus he knows about food, so let’s do that! We started with “bread and dip” (CHF 6.50) which seemed a bit expensive at first with regards to what you get (before you got it on the table). But luckily, you don’t feel like that at all once it’s there. The bread is tasty and crispy and super worth trying – especially in combination with the dip.

The idea is kind of a tapas concept so you order different dishes and share them – so it’s a social event all in all which is lovely. The second course was “lamb’s lettuce, egg yolk and Sbrinz” (CHF 18.00) which was basically a good salad with an intense and flavorful.

The second course was “radish, dashi, shiso” (CHF 12.00) where I didn’t exactly know what it was when ordering it but it was actually tasty and refreshing. An interesting combination of flavors!

The “Jerusalem’s artichoke, grape, hop” (CHF 20.00) was actually amazing in terms of flavor but they only served it last as they had forgotten to prepare it and only after we had explicitly asked for it again, it was served.

As an actual main, we went for the “tagliolini integrale, Shimeji mushrooms with Kotteri sauce” (CHF 24.00) which looked a bit funny and isn’t entirely easy to share. It was – again – a very tasty dish though.

What I liked a lot about the place is the fact that the restaurant is modern, appealing in terms of interior design and the staff is super friendly and helpful at all times. The only flaw there was is the fact that the Jerusalem’s artichoke wasn’t served in time – a pity but acceptable given the generally high quality of the dishes served. In terms of pricing it’s absolutely fair. The only downside from my point of view is the fact that you actually – if you’re not super early and can rearrange – have to share the table with other people potentially which doesn’t really give you a good opportunity to hold private conversations. Else, amazing! I definitely also want to try it for dinner once!


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Restaurant Neue Taverne

Glockengasse 8

8001 Zürich (CH)

Tel.: +41 44 221 12 62

E-Mail: hunger@neuetaverne.ch

Homepage: http://www.neuetaverne.ch

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