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Decent Asian lunch offering but tiny tables and no privacy: Restaurant Chén Chè (6. February 2020)

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I was a bit too early for lunch so I asked about 15 minutes before if I could just sit down and wait while working – I was politely told that this is not possible due to the fact that they were busy preparing the tables for lunch. Generally, that is absolutely fine but when I then realized how they had prepared the tables (i.e. not really at all), I was a bit surprised about all that and didn’t really understand why they would be pushing back so much.

In any case, once the restaurant was ‘officially’ open, the waitress was very friendly and also rather proficient in her job. My friend is gluten intolerant and she was perfectly aware of what in the dish couldn’t be eaten and how the dish had to be changed in order for him to be able to eat it.

I went for the “Cha Giõ (baked spring rolls Vietnam style with pork, vegetables, fresh herbs, glass noodles and morel mushrooms, served with ginger-coriander dressing)” (EUR 6.40) as a starter which was surprisingly massive in terms of size but actually quite tasty in terms of flavor.

The “Càri Bõ (beef in red curry coconut cream, lime leaves, lemongrass, peanuts and roasted onions, refined with fresh coriander and mint, served with jasmine rice)” (EUR 10.40) wasn’t that easy to eat with chopsticks but actually quite delicious as well. Especially considering the price for the two dishes where you get tasty food for a very fair price, I really cannot complain!

The place is somewhat simple yet nice – the ceiling is super tall and the interior is actually quite nice. However, the tables are quite close to each other which doesn’t give one much room for privacy plus the tables are rather small so you can’t order too much food. All in all though, the quality of the food is good, prices are fair, and the service is professional.


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Restaurant Chén Chè

Rosenthaler Strasse 13

10119 Berlin (DE)

Tel.: +49 30 28 88 42 82

E-Mail: info@chenche-berlin.de

Homepage: http://www.chenche-berlin.de

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