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Interesting dishes in an outstanding atmosphere: Restaurant Wirtschaft im Franz (11. February 2020)

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It’s about two years ago since I’ve last been to the Wirtschaft im Franz and I mus say it is still a place which I can recommend. It is not entirely easy to find and there aren’t too many parking spots around the restaurant which makes it a bit annoying to get there but once you’re there you will realize that it pays off to do exactly so. The interior of the place is rather nice all in all and the staff is super friendly.

I was a bit confused in the very beginning when the waitress basically offered us canned sardines as a starter. But hey, why not, so we went for “Quiberonnaise Espelett” (CHF 12.00) which were warm sardines in some kind of tomato sauce – and they were absolutely delicious!

The “beet root tartare, leek, horseradish” (CHF 16.50) which was served next was actually amazing. I was a bit skeptical about vegetarian tartare but I must say, it was a blast!

The “Chinese cabbage, celeriac, almonds, apple, olive” (CHF 16.50) which was next was absolutely okay but didn’t reach the quality of the beet root tartare – unfortunately. However, it was enjoyable in any form.

The “beef tartare, buckwheat, salsa verde, rape oil mayonnaise” (CHF 19.50) seemed a bit non-inspirational at first given it looked rather similar to the beet root tartare but was great. The beef was aromatic and in combination with the capers, horseradish and the mayonnaise, it really was mouth-watering.

Do you know that feeling when you eat something which just melts in your mouth? The “pork cheeks, carrot mash and cabbage” (CHF 31.00) which was served as a main course was exactly that. A bite would just make you happy with the intensity of the flavors of the dish and the fact that the meat would almost dissolve in your mouth making it a delicious mush within seconds!

The place is not only fair in terms of prices for the dishes but also for the wines – especially given, they all range between CHF 7.00 and CHF 9.50 (e.g. FKK, Campi Nuovi, Les Pièces Longu) and for only CHF 4.00, you get “water à discretion”. The place is a bit dark in terms of light but absolutely atmospheric – but not very booked out – and the waitress did a great job taking care of us. I must say, it sometimes takes a bit long until you get your dishes served which can be unpleasant (I imagine) if the restaurant is fully booked. All in all, I can absolutely recommend the Wirtschaft zum Franz.


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Restaurant Wirtschaft im Franz

Bremgartnerstrasse 18

8003 Zürich (CH)

Tel.: +41 43 558 44 22

E-Mail: info@wirtschaftimfranz.ch

Homepage: http://www.wirtschaftimfranz.ch

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