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Pretty much the perfect event experience for men: MEAT Academy @ Smith & de Luma (12. February 2020)

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The MEAT Academy at Smith & de Luma is an event hosted by LUMA Delikatessen which is offered in the joint premise they have together with Smith & Smith Wines. The course starts with at least 10 participants and costs CHF 185.00 per person. Once you’ve arrived, you are served an alcoholic beverage of your choice and a nice “cold cuts plate” which already is a perfect introduction into the rest of the evening.

Before the actual dinner and the work starts, you get to try some different kinds of meat, or to be more precise, to figure out what differences there could be with regards to some meats. As a first case, we had the same cut, once prepared with the funghi of LUMA and once without. And I must say the meat prepared with LUMA funghi was actually way more tender and aromatic.

Secondly, it was the same cut again but this time, the difference was that the beef had been fed differently. The first (top in the picture) cut was grass-fed Irish beef which was – in my humble opinion – the most aromatic as it also had some bite which I absolutely like (love flank steak btw). The second was oat-fed Australian beef and the third corn-fed US beef. You can definitely taste that the more expensive feeding process of corn-feeding makes the meat more tender.

Then, it was time to work on some pork and to cut/prepare it a way you would have nice cuts to put on the Big Green Egg to grill them (together with a Tomahawk steak).

The setting was simple yet nice as we all got to sit at a large wooden table in the same room where we had been cutting and grilling the meat.

Of course, there were some side dishes served with the meats like “French fries” which were good …

… and a “rich salad” which was actually absolutely outstanding (and I almost finished half a bowl of that salad). I must say, I was a bit surprised that they were actually able to make such a great salad!

Finally, it was time for the pork of which I was a bit worried about as I am not really a big fan of pork. But let me tell you, that LUMA funghi treated pork was actually a) delicious, b) mouth-watering, and c) perfectly grilled! Definitely can recommend!

The “beef Tomahawk” on the other hand, was – according to my personal gusto – still better though as the meat was just so absolutely perfect!

All in all, the MEAT Academy is definitely something you should give a try as you learn a lot (shout-out to Simon here!), the experience is great fun, and the food is very good too! So, all in all, a big thumbs up to the MEAT Academy at Smith & de Luma. Make sure to book/ organize with sufficient lead time as they do not have that many available slots.


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MEAT Academy @ Smith & de Luma

Grubenstrasse 27

8045 Zürich (CH)

Tel.: +41 43 333 04 53

E-Mail: info@smithanddeluma.ch

Homepage: http://www.smithanddeluma.ch

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