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After this experience – not a deserved Michelin star: Restaurant Marc Fosh (24. February 2020)

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The Marc Fosh sounded incredibly promising when I read about the place on the Guide Michelin App 2020 but it turned out that it isn’t as promising as it reads. I went for the “Marc Fosh” tasting menu (EUR 92.00 if you take all the courses) which started with a “wild mushroom and truffle cappuccino” which was a great start into the dinner. The soup was intense, full with flavor and especially the truffle was decent without being overwhelming.

Next in line were a “fresh pea & almond tarlet”, a “soufflé potato with Majorcan ketchup & vinegar powder” and the “fosh hearts with beetroot, rosemary honey and goat cheese”. The tartlet was tasty and definitely enjoyable – and so was the soufflé potato. However, the fosh hearts which looked absolutely lovely and which are, supposedly, the star of the course were a bit disappointing as they did not really tasty like anything.

The bread which was prepared freshly and, therefore, quite lovely in terms of taste and it gets even better with the …

… sobrasada spread which is served with the bread. It’s kind of like “raw chorizo” and actually quite tasty with a bit of warm and fresh bread!

The first course of the menu was “chilled almond and olive soup with ‘ravioli’ of soller prawn, smoked aubergines and local pork”. I liked the almond and olive soup as it was light and refreshing and was balancing off the intensity of the tatar in a nice way. However, the ravioli itself was more of a tatar than a raviolo.

My absolutely favorite course of the evening was the “marinated mackerel with Mediterranean sake and sea fennel pil-pil”. The combination of flavors and textures was absolutely exquisite and the sauce in which the mackerel were put in was absolutely mouth-watering. Honestly, here, I understand why the restaurant has one Michelin star.

The next course started with a nice effect as when the glass cover was lifted, a nice smell of smoke approached your nose …

… and revealed the “local “Bombeta rice” from Sa Pobla with grilled rabbit loin, snails, lovage and spiced cherry” which was my second favorite dish of the evening. The combination of a rice which was incredibly well prepared with the lean meat of the rabbit and that certain sweetness of the cherries created an amazing combination of flavors and textures. However, while my dish was exquisite, the one of my company (who had a vegetarian option) was disgusting. Something had gone wrong with pumpkin gnocchi which they also admitted to later but it was honestly repulsive to eat them. Now, I get that mistakes can happen but that they go out without the head chef trying them is unacceptable and – in my opinion – not the level of a 1 Michelin star restaurant.

After they made up for the dish with newly prepared pumpkin stuffed pasta, the next course was served which was – in my case – “salt cod with aloe vera, samphire and a warm fresh pea” refined with …

… “lemongrass soup” and frankly, the fish was somehow a bit too chewy and a bit too undercooked for my personal gusto.

Luckily, the main course, the “glazed duck breast with elderflower, beetroot and nasturtium” turned out to be quite tasty again as the duck was aromatic and intense in flavor and the beetroot elements worked well with the meat.

I decided to only have one dessert instead of two as I was kind of full and, friendly enough, they took EUR 14.00 off the bill for not having two desserts. The “rhubarb with hibiscus, raspberry, yogurt mousse and tarragon” was good in terms of combination of flavors and textures but rhubarb will never be my favorite kind of vegetable.

The “petit fours” which ended the evening and the menu were a nice ending.

In terms of interior design and quality of service, I must say, the restaurant is recommended. And frankly, the food isn’t bad but the fact that somehow it did not really persuade me and the faux-pas with the pumpkin gnocchi is something which cannot be accepted for a 1 Michelin star restaurant (in my opinion). So, to be frank here, I would come back for the service as they were rather attentive and professional although waiting times definitely increased over time but I wouldn’t put the Marc Fosh on my “to visit again” list.


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Restaurant Marc Fosh

Carrer de la Missió 7

07003 Palma de Mallorca (E)

Tel.: +34 971 72 01 14

E-Mail: info@marcfosh.com

Homepage: http://www.marcfosh.com

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