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A truly Swiss experience – Metzgete: Alpwirtschaft Unterlauelen (28. February 2020)

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Metzgete is a Swiss tradition where all the parts of the animal after it’s slaughtered are used so you end up with a whole lot of delicacies. The restaurant Unterlauelen in the Eigenthal in the middle of nowhere is offering ‘Metzgete’ also in February (usually you can find it in late autumn) and it was perfect to give it a try. Going there is already an experience by itself as it is located quite far off and you can’t even drive there (without a special permit) but you have to walk there (which is a nice short walk through the snowy woods).

Once you arrive, you find yourself in a nice wooden, old traditional restaurant which makes you feel home/ cozy. We started with a “Lauelenwaldbrättli (bacon, ham, cheese, dried sausages)” (CHF 22.00) which is a nice selection of different small nibbles which go well with bread.

The main event of the evening was the “slaughter plate” (CHF 32.00 per person; for three people in the picture) which contains elements like regular bratwurst, blood sausage, liver sausage, as well as other cuts of the meat.

And with the potatoes and some sauce, it really becomes a feast! Of course it’s not for the light-hearted when it comes to animals but it is definitely delicious and worth trying. But it’s also quite a portion and you’ll definitely leave from there fully satisfied in terms of amount of food you’ve had.

For dessert I went for “gingerbread from Lucerne with whipped cream” (CHF 7.00) and a “scoop of caramel ice cream” (CHF 3.50) which was a great dessert. The gingerbread was a bit too dry for my personal gusto but else, quite tasty.

What I liked a lot about the place was the traditional setup of it all – all is held in wood, even the menu. And that traditional setup is true for the whole experience – I guess it’s even fair to say that the waiters and waitresses are also a bit traditional.

For Metzgete, the Alpwirtschaft Unterlauelen is definitely recommended – just make sure that you book with about 8-12 weeks in advance as the place isn’t huge and it’s sold out quite quickly. So, if you’re up for something like that, and you should be, then book way in advance!


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Alpwirtschaft Unterlauelen

Unterlauelen 1

6013 Eigenthal/Hergiswil (CH)

Tel.: +41 41 497 26 25

Fax: +41 41 497 52 08

E-Mail: wirt@unterlauelen.ch

Homepage: http://www.unterlauelen.ch

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