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A lovely walk to a traditional Swiss restaurant: Restaurant Val d’Uina (3. March 2020)

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Getting to the Restaurant Val d’Uina is definitely a nice little walk from Scuol of about 90 minutes and 6 kilometers and when the weather is nice as it was that day, I would definitely recommend you to take that stroll through the winter landscape. Once you’ve arrived, you find yourself in a traditional restaurant which is generally appealing but really boils down to its essence which is serving local Swiss food in a nice environment and friendly service.

I went for the “lamb’s lettuce, garnished with egg, bread croûtons, bacon and tomatoes” (CHF 16.50) as a starter which was quite a portion but rich in terms of ingredients and generally quite tasty.

What I liked a lot was the fact that it comes with three different salad sauces and you can pick which one you want to pour over your salad. I went for the “French dressing” and I must say that it is quite tasty and fits the salad generally quite good.

As a main, I went for the “barley soup from the Grisons with a local sausage” (CHF 14.50) which was a bit different than expected as I had expected the sausage to be at the side of the soup. However, the very thin slices of the sausage were a good addition to the already rich barley soup which was a heavy portion and full of flavor!

The service personnel is friendly and helpful at all times making sure you have everything you want and stuff is served within a short period of time. I went also for a “Schümli Pflümli with Amaretto” (CHF 8.50) which was great. What has to be mentioned as well is the fact that the prices are very fair – for the beverages as well as for the dishes. All in all, especially if you also consider the stroll to the restaurant, I can definitely recommend you to pay the Restaurant Val d’Uina a visit.


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Restaurant Val d’Uina

7554 Scuol (CH)

Tel.: +41 81 866 31 37

Homepage: https://www.suren.ch/en/hotel-val-duina/restaurant/

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