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Nice experience but not as great as in previous visits: SWISS First Class Lounge Terminal E (7. March 2020)

| March 29, 2020 | 0 Comments

I love returning to the SWISS First Class Lounge in the E terminal as it always is the start of a nice adventure. This time, the adventure started with a “Tom Kha Gai (chicken, oyster mushroom, lotus root, water spinach)” which was great in terms of flavor but also had a nice spiciness to it.

Second in line were the “fish crisps from Zug with tartar sauce and lukewarm potato salad” which was okay but not really anything spectacular but rather bland. The fish crisps could definitely have been more crispy and the size of the portion was rather disappointing for a main dish. Also, I personally like to have quite a bit of sauce tartar with the fish crisps which wasn’t really the case in terms of generosity of the sauce.

The “sorrel sorbet (Granny Smith apple, Etter Vielle Pomme Royale)” on the other hand was an enlightenment again – I liked the sorbet especially because there were still quite a few chunks of sorrel in it which really added to the flavor and consistency of the dish.

All in all, if you have a chance to get into the First Class Lounge in the Terminal E of SWISS, I can definitely recommend you to get there. If you have a first class flight later that day, it might as well pay off to get there early and enjoy the lounge experience.

What is to mention positively in that case too is the quality of the service as the waiter I’ve had was super friendly, helpful and caring making sure that I’d get the best possible experience possible.

All in all, the First Class Lounge experience with SWISS in the Terminal E is definitely a memorable one – but it does lose a bit of its impression factor after you’ve been there a couple of times. However, if you haven’t been or if you’re given the chance to pay it a visit, you should definitely do so!


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SWISS First Class Lounge Terminal E

Zurich Airport

8058 Kloten (CH)

Homepage: https://www.swiss.com/za/en/fly/airport/lounges-zurich

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