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Excellent service experience on SWISS First flight LX158 ZRH – KIX (7. March 2020)

| March 30, 2020 | 0 Comments

Due to the Corona Virus the First class cabin was pretty much empty – which allowed one to change seats at will and to experience the whole cabin basically from all possible imaginable angles. Starting with a glass of white wine and a “carrot tartar” which was quite refreshing, I was in a good mood for the newly inaugurated 12 hours flight to Osaka.

In order to pay tribute to the destination country Japan, “sushi” was served as a starter which was absolutely okay – but not comparable to any of the sushi I later had in Japan.

As always, the typical SWISS First starters were displayed on a tray for you to select what you want. I went for the “fillet of Balik salmon”, the “smoked trout mousse with roasted char jelly, red apple and cider vinegar pearls”, “peasant’s bacon” and “peasant’s smoked sausage” as well as the “celery and herb remoulade with quail egg and pumpernickel bread”. The salmon was smooth as always but I really liked the smoked trout mousse as it offered a different kind of flavor and texture than what you usually get in the cabin.

Next in line was the “white wine soup with buttermilk, fennel and dill, beetroot pearl with prawn” which was good as the soup had a nice thickness and the beetroot pearl with prawn was adding quite a bit to the dish.

I especially liked the main course, the “braised beef brisket with herb demi-glace, mushroom and garlic purée, glazed Jerusalem artichoke and pearl onions” as the meat was tender and delicious and the sides were really adding to the flavor and texture experience of the dish. Especially the sourness of the pearl onions really made the dish better than it already was by itself.

After that, it was time for the “cheese wagon” where you got a selection of five different cheeses and some pear bread and chutney …

… which was good but not overly impressive in terms of flavor and taste.

The “cherry-kirsch ice lolly with almond meringue crumble and cherry coullis” on the other hand was something I liked again quite much as it was an interesting way of serving a dessert and definitely a bit out of the ordinary, so it was overall enjoyable.

What I would like to point out was the quality of the service – of course it’s easier to focus on less customers but even then, one could have been neglected. This wasn’t the case though. The crew made its absolutely best to ensure that the experience would be a memorable one – in a positive way! So, a big shout out to the crew of LX158!

All in all, if you have the chance to take an F flight from ZRH to KIX, I can recommend you to do so and to indulge in the onboard experience!


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