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When Google Translate helps you to order food: Restaurant Matumuro (本マグロと季節料理 魚菜まつむろ) (11. March 2020)

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Finding a restaurant which offers something in English isn’t easy in Nara. We tried about five places and all of them basically made it clear to us that we weren’t really welcome if we didn’t speak Japanese – which was done in a very polite manner just showing us the hand-written menu in Japanese (which is something ‘Google Translate’ cannot translate) and pointing out that they cannot speak English. Well, finally, we found a place – where it wasn’t better language-wise but they were eager to try to please us – and they succeeded.

Once we were seated, we got some meat as a starter (looked like duck to me) but of course I couldn’t understand what exactly I was eating right there.

After a lengthy process with a lot of pointing and ‘Google Translate’, we were able to order some food – obviously nothing out of the ordinary as there was no way to translate that. We started with edamame which were good.

The “sashimi platter” was – much to my surprise – absolutely tasty as the quality of the fish was amazing and yet very flavorful without having a hint of a fishy note.

The “tempura” was good too – especially the wild broccoli was amazing!

The “steak” on the other hand which was the last course wasn’t entirely to my liking. Not because the meat was bad or anything like that but the sauce was a bit too smokey for my personal gusto.

The place offers traditional seating but in a way you don’t have to sit on the ground making it more comfortable for your legs …

… as well as some chairs by the bar. What I didn’t like so much about the place is the fact that you can smoke there. Didn’t bother much as the guy smoking was sitting at the bar and that’s quite a bit away from the regular seating area but that’s still something which isn’t entirely enjoyable in my books.

The waitress who attended us was super friendly and really trying her best to please us – and I’d say, she succeeded! So, if you are looking for a place which offers you local stuff and tries its best to give you a positive experience, the Restaurant Matumuro is one you can definitely consider when in Nara.


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Restaurant Matumuro (本マグロと季節料理 魚菜まつむろ)

Omiyacho, 4 Chome−302-4 ヤマダビル 1F

〒630-8115 Nara (JP)

Tel.: +81 50 34 68 58 24

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