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My first yakitori experience – and I liked it: Restaurant Yakitori No Meimon Akiyoshi (15. March 2020)

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Yakitori is a Japanese way of preparing food where you order food on sticks which are then prepared for you and brought to you to eat off that stick. I decided to give the whole range of things a try and went for “beef tongue” (425 Yen) to start with which was actually quite tasty.

I was recommended to combine it with the mustard which was incredibly (!) spicy. I was assuming it was more like the mustard I know from Switzerland so I took a big dip of it and was blown away by the spiciness which reminded me of wasabi and was almost brought to tears!

The “tender chicken (Wakadorifurai)” (320 Yen) came with an extra sauce and was actually tender and tasty – not so special in terms of the kind of meat you eat but definitely tasty!

The “beef cutlet (Kusikatsu)” (370 Yen) was also surprisingly good as well as …

… the “Shiitake mushroom” (300 Yen) although I’m generally not such a big fan of shiitake mushrooms but this one was truly tasty!

The “pork sirloin” (380 Yen) was a bit chewy but in combination with enough sauce (and at the time I already had a few on the table) it was fine still.

The “sirloin & spring onion” (375 Yen) was actually my favorite combination as it had a good combination of flavors and consistencies.

The “rice” I had ordered as a side dish was just that – rice.

The “starch cake” with a dip of sauce was frankly nothing special and rather unpleasant in terms of consistency. Definitely not something I’d recommend you to try.

However, the “pork & beef ‘hamburger'” which was the last dish I’ve tried there was actually surprisingly good – but it takes ages to prepare it.

What I liked about the place is the fact that you can watch the armada of chefs how they prepare your food …

… right in front of you …

… until it is served and ends up on your plate / area where you get the food.

All in all, I liked the experience at the Yakitori No Meimon Akiyoshi as it was something new and actually quite tasty. However, the fact that you’re allowed to smoke inside which the guy next to me did is not really something I appreciate. All in all, definitely something worth trying though.


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Restaurant Yakitori No Meimon Akiyoshi

3-11 Fukuromachi

Naka Ward

730-0036 Hiroshima (JP)

Tel.: +81 82 544 66 01

Homepage: http://www.akiyoshi.co.jp

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