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Korean barbecue where you wouldn’t expect it: Restaurant Shilla (16. June 2020)

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The Shilla is located in the former Restaurant Poco Loco which I used to frequent about 20 years ago. And while it doesn’t really look that appealing from the outside, I was very positively surprised about the quality of the food you get there. We went for “Kalbi Mandu (meat dumplings)” (CHF 10.00) as one of the starters to share. The filling is quite a lot of meat but it is tasty together with the respective sauce.

The “Vegi Gunmandu (fried dumplings with vegetables filling, served with soy sauce)” (CHF 10.00) on the other hand are rather small but also not too bad. However, the sauce is relatively light and, personally, I would have preferred a stronger sauce.

The “Hemulpajeon (pancakes with seafood and spring onion, served with soy sauce)” (CHF 11.00) were not entirely easy to eat with chopsticks as the parts often just fell kind of down but it was a light and refreshing taste.

The highlight is definitely the main course which is kind of a Korean barbecue. At each table, there is a grill in the middle of the table where you can grill the food you’ve ordered right in front of you. We went for “Deji Galbi (pork neck marinated in pear ginger soy sauce without the bone)” (CHF 45.00) and “Kkotsal Jumulleock (200gr; marbled slices of beef in garlic fruit marinade)” (CHF 55.00). The beef was prepared in a lot of garlic so it would definitely bug your stomach the next day. But it was also super tasty. The pork on the other hand was marinated in a way sweeter marinade and enjoyable when you grill it for some time.

With the meat, you are served a couple of side dishes like a salad, salad leaves, some kind of sauces, salt, kimchi, and rice. The place is relatively simple in terms of interior design and atmosphere but functional and all in all, it’s tasty for a fair price.

The service is friendly and was initially attentive but with time you had to wave quite intensively in order to get another beer. However, all in all, I truly enjoyed the food at the Shilla – Korean barbeque at its best. Make sure to book a table in advance as there isn’t that much space.


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Restaurant Shilla

Badenerstrasse 505

8048 Zürich (CH)

Tel.: +41 44 431 80 80

Homepage: http://www.shilla.ch

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