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When the restaurants are open again in Paris after COVID-19: Restaurant Le Grand Colbert (19. June 2020)

| June 25, 2020 | 0 Comments

Given the restaurants in France only just opened up, it wasn’t entirely easy to find a place for dinner but the Le Grand Colbert was among the few which were open again. The interior of the place is a typical nice French brassiere in terms of design. The tables are tiny and there isn’t much space but the seats are comfortable. The waiters are friendly, helpful, and even speak English.

I went for the “6 Specials «Gillardeau» n°3 Marennes Oléron” (EUR 29.40) oysters to start and I must say that they were absolutely fine. Far from an enlightenment but definitely okay.

The “ceviche of sea bream with lime and avocado” (EUR 12.00) on the other hand was exquisite. The avocado was rich and perfectly ripe and the ceviche was tasty in terms of consistency and flavor.

The “beef fillet (200 gr) with pepper sauce green beans & French fries” (EUR 32.00) on the other hand was a disappointment. The meat was dry and while I had ordered it medium-rare it came more medium with a tendency to ‘well-done’. Now, that’s not really how I wanted the meat to be – and to taste.

So, if it wasn’t for the pepper sauce, the meal would definitely not have fulfilled its purpose of being a decent main course.

The “summer fruit swim with hibiscus and lime sorbet” (EUR 9.00) was refreshing and good to cleanse your palate after the rather intense and heavy food.

They offer a decent selection of different alcohols, e..g the “Champagne Lallier Grand Rosé” (EUR 85.00) was definitely very enjoyable. However, French wines will never really do the trick in my personal opinion – the “Margaux Château Siran, 2014” (EUR 98.00) was absolutely okay but it just lacked length. Like, that feeling when you take a sip of wine and you swallow it and it just stays for a bit in your throat – that was completely missing. In any case, the Le Grand Colbert is a nice place in terms of interior decoration and has friendly service. For the food though, to be honest, I wouldn’t come again.


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Restaurant Le Grand Colbert

Rue Vivienne 2

75002 Paris (F)

Tel.: +33 1 42 86 87 88

Homepage: http://www.legrandcolbert.fr

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