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Very traditional French dishes: Restaurant Au Bourguignon Du Marais (21. June 2020)

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The Marais is a hip neighbourhood with a lot of small streets and little cafés which make the experience of walking through there very enjoyable. Finding a restaurant which is open the first weekend after the lift of the lockdown on the other hand isn’t entirely easy! But, I manged. As a starter, I went for the “Foie Gras de Canard, chutney de saison” (EUR 22.00) which looked semi-appealing at first but actually turned out to be very delicious – especially the combination of the foie with the chutney.

The “Boeuf Bourguignon ‘specialité’, pommes de terre grenailles, lardons et champignons” (EUR 24.00) is what this place is famous for and I must say, that part of my brain had expected somehow something else. But it turned out to be absolutely enjoyable. A bit too many mushrooms for my personal gusto, however, the pot itself was great. The meat – once you got to it through the first layer of vegetables – was actually perfect as it was dissembling the moment you put your fork into it. And it was not only dissembling but it was also incredibly aromatic and enjoyable.

The restaurant has the same issue as all the regular restaurants – the tables are tiny! It really isn’t easy to find a restaurant where you have space! The service was friendly and generally attentive, however, they did not manage to do the requested adjustments to the dish and served it ‘as is’. Which, to some degree I understand, but if there is a specific ask and you agree to do it, then you should also execute it accordingly. In any case, the food is quite decent, the waiters are friendly, and the prices are reasonable. What isn’t so great is the location, resp. the atmosphere as the tables outside are located at a street corner and although it’s not a busy street per se, buses and cars pass quite frequently which is a) very loud and b) just somewhat annoying.


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Restaurant Au Bourguignon Du Marais

52 Rue François Miron

75004 Paris (F)

Tel.: +33 1 48 87 15 40

Homepage: http://aubourguignondumarais.fr

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