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Delicious vegetarian cuisine with super slow service: Restaurant Marktküche (25. June 2020)

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Basically, since I’ve first heard about the Marktküche, I wanted to pay the place a visit – however, it turns out to be pretty much impossible on short notice as it is usually booked out for weeks. Luckily though, finally, there was a chance to get a table as a friend of mine had booked way in advance. Given, I haven’t had a chance to try it out for more than a year, I decided to go for the “6-course menu” (CHF 109.00) with the respective “wine pairing” (CHF 64.00).

It took them quite a bit to bring the menu and the take our order but once that was done, the first amuse bouche was served which was a “vegetarian tatar with a small brioche and some booze to spray on it” which turned out to be way better than expected as it tasted very close to a real tatar.

The second amuse bouche was an assortment of vegetables which went very well together making it a lovely experience.

Then, some “bread and dip” was served together with olives and olive oil. The dip was actually delicious but there wasn’t much bread so you would be done with the bread in almost no time while there was still a lot of dip left and there was no ‘re-fill’ of the bread which was a bit of a disappointment.

The first course was “Mediterranean Zurich (tomato, foam, olive, eggplant)” served with a glass of “Räuschling AOC, Weingut Erich Meier, Uetikon, 2019”. The dish was exquisite. The smoothness while creating an intense richness of tomato flavour was mouth-watering.

Next in line was a “Spanish greeting (almonds, peach, garlic, melon)” served with a glass of “Vi de Vila Porrea Blanc, Cims de Porrera, Priorato, 2014”. The dish looked beautiful when served …

… but became really tasty once the garlic soup part was also right there. The intensity of the soup with the lightness of the melon in it was just really exquisite!

The “refreshing ice tea” which was served in the middle created very different reactions by the people at the table. I found it super bland, however, others were of the opinion that it was amazing. I suppose, tastes differ widely.

Next in line was another element with a liquid element – this time it was “herb meadow (kohlrabi, sour clover, herb oil)” served with a “Completer AOC, Roman Hermann, Bündner Herrschaft, 2018”.

Again, the real flavor came with the liquid served on top of the dish. It was, overall, quite delicious and you would be able to enjoy the different ‘flavours of green’.

Next in line was a little ‘break’ of “Sezchuan flower heads” which I had previously experienced in the Maison Manesse back in 2017.

The main course was “from below and above soil (celery root, strawberry, spruce)” served with “Amo Nigra, Weingut Molitor, Mosel, 2002” which was definitely an old wine but also a very special wine. I mean, it was definitely interesting but it was too old to really be tasty (at least in my opinion).

The sauce really added to the dish though and made that one very enjoyable.

The “grilled forest mushroom (dumpling, artichoke, zucchini)” served with a “Josephine Cuvée, Weingut Oggau, Burgenland, 2015” was again great in terms of taste and combination of consistencies. Especially the little dumpling made it absolutely interesting as the soft consistency really was super interesting.

The “pre-dessert” was a combination of red fruits and ice cream which was perfect to switch the palate from savory to sweet.

The actual dessert was “raspberry (sorbet, fennel, gel, dust)” served with a glass of “Cuvée 1858 or Barrique AOC, Charles Bonvin, Sion, 2016”. I liked the combination of different consistencies – especially the ‘dust’ part was super enjoyable.

Last but not least, some “petit fours” were served which were nice to enjoy as well. What I really appreciated was the fact that the chef, Tobias Hösli, came to the table and asked for the feedback with regards to dinner. And I must say, I liked the dinner a lot – frankly, in terms of size of the portions, I think it’s a bit on the expensive side. However, in terms of flavour combinations, it’s actually quite interesting!

What was not entirely satisfying was the service. While the waitress was generally friendly and tried to be attentive, she wasn’t really up to speed when it comes to paying attention. Also, ordering a second bottle of water or another glass of wine took her a solid 15 minutes which is definitely too long. Especially, when you’re eating and want your beverages with the food. So, I think they have to work on that a bit – else, a great experience and I can recommend the Marktküche to anyone who wants to try vegetarian dishes – just make sure to book way in advance!


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Restaurant Marktküche

Feldstrasse 98

8004 Zürich (CH)

Tel.: +41 44 211 22 11

E-Mail: info@marktkueche.ch

Homepage: http://www.marktkueche.ch

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