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Simple and honest but delicious Catalonian dishes: Restaurant L’Antic Bocoi del Gòtic (18. July 2020)

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It is surprisingly difficult to find a place to eat after 11pm in Barcelona (at least in COVID-19) times – luckily, there are still a few places open and the L’Antic Bocoi del Gòtic is one of them. I called around 10:30pm to identify if it was still possible to get something, respectively if the kitchen would still be open and they agreed. When you’re there, you’re free to pick your table which is quite nice – but then again, no big surprise given the time. As a starter it was times for “olives” (EUR 3.25) which were good.

The “pa am tomàquet” (EUR 4.25) in combination with the “Jamón Iberico de Guijuelo” (EUR 16.00) is a great combination. Frankly, I missed eating something tasty like Jamón Iberico – you just don’t find that quality in Switzerland (or well, at least not that easily).

Apparently, the “coques de recapte” is a typical Catalonian dish which reminded me a lot of pizza – it’s not exactly pizza but it somehow is. I went to try a few, so the “coques de recapte with vegetables, tuna, anchovies” (EUR 12.50) was good but it definitely wasn’t my favourite.

The “coques de recapte with sardines” (EUR 13.00) on the other hand was absolutely outstanding. I mean, the flavour of sardines is quite intense but it is delicious – at least in my personal opinion.

My favourite version was the “coques de recapte with sobreassada” (EUR 12.50) which was some combination of a chorizo-like sausage and meat pieces. Damn tasty and very enjoyable!

The place itself was not that large but nice in terms of atmosphere – it looks very traditional but in a nice way. What was even nicer was the service – the place seems to be run by a couple and they are very caring and friendly, making sure you would have everything you needed at all times. I can definitely recommend the L’Antic Bocoi del Gòtic – great service, nice atmosphere, and ultimately nice food. Just make sure you’re in the mood for these ‘coques de recapte’ as there isn’t much else on the menu.


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Restaurant L’Antic Bocoi del Gòtic

Baixada de Viladecols 3

08002 Barcelona (E)

Tel.: +34 933 10 50 67

E-Mail: info@bocoi.net

Homepage: http://www.bocoi.net

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