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When the Restaurant Noir becomes yet another – amazing – meat restaurant: Restaurant Williams Butchers Table (12. August 2020)

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When I arrived at the restaurant this time, I was somehow sure I had been here before. Turns out, I haven’t, but I have. Last time I was visiting this specific spot, the restaurant was also a meat restaurant, only, it was called differently, Restaurant Noir. Now, it’s called Williams Butchers Table and the concept is rather easy. There isn’t really a menu – there is a small selection of starters which are presented to you by the waiter and there is a counter inside, i.e. the butchers table, where you pick your cuts for your main course.

I went for a healthy start into the evening and went for a mixed salad – which was served with their French dressing. I was a bit surprised to realise, once I had started eating, that I had been presented the offer between the very good French dressing and the also very good Italian dressing by the waitress previously, but wasn’t asked by the waiter who took up our order which dressing I wanted.

However, the selection process of the meat is actually fun – and standing there at the Butcher’s Table and discussing with the butcher which cuts of meat would be great, is really fun. And he slices it accordingly for you.

Once you have placed your order, you’re sent outside (i.e. to your table) again to wait for your main dish. Of course, the main comes accompanied by side dishes and I went for “French fries and spinach” which ere both good – however, I think if they would fry the French fries in animal fat instead of vegetable fat, they would be even better.

We went for the “Black Angus Hanging Tender” (CHF 24.00 / 100gr) and I must say, I liked it quite a bit. The entrecôte, on the other hand, was relatively boring in terms of flavour. And the fact that the idea was to have 600gr meat for two turned out to be not enough – especially since the bone did not make sure to have the 600gr.

Well, no worries, we went for yet another piece of meat – the “Black Angus Bavette” (CHF 23.00 / 100gr). And I must say, that was definitely the best piece of meat that evening. The structure of the bavette is very close to the structure of flank steak and I really, really like flank steak. It was truly delicious and mouth-watering.

Besides the fact that it is quite lovely to sit outside, they also do a good job in making you feel welcome and comfortable right there. The waitress finds the perfect balance between being jovial and professional – and the waiters are competent and actually know about their stuff. Something you don’t always find either.

To sum it up, I think the Williams Butchers Table is definitely a restaurant you should give a try if you’re a meatatarian. Book a table in advance and make sure to come early so you have the full evening to enjoy the experience – it is really worth it! To be fair though, it’s not exactly on the cheap side of things, however, it is definitely a place I can highly recommend!


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Restaurant Williams Butchers Table

Schifflände 6

8001 Zürich (CH)

Tel.: +41 44 506 75 06

Homepage: http://www.williamsbutcherstable.ch

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