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Only available for a few days but so damn worth it – Metzgete @ Restaurant Falken Wiedikon (3. November 2020)

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I must be honest – I would never have walked in the Restaurant Falken just like that but since they had been recommended for the Metzgete in the Gault Millau newsletter, I decided to give it a try. And I tell you, it’s absolutely worth it to come here! The concept of the “Falken Metzgete” (CHF 45.00) is basically that you get to pick two plates out of five different plates plus sausages plus side dishes and you get the best parts like brain, kidney or liver from the waiter passing with the plates.

As a first plate, I went for the “Kreis 3” plate which was having “blood sausage ravioli with port jus and sauteed onions”, “pork belly in hoissin sauce with cabbage kimchi”, “tender ribs on creamy leek” and “crispy pig snout with pickled red onions”. Once the plate was served, I was wondering how the hell one would actually eat two of these plates. But before we get there, let me say that the blood sausage ravioli was absolutely heavenly and the pork belly was lovely as well. I even liked the pig snout. I must say, this was so much better than I had expected.

The fact that they serve fresh kidney, liver and brain …

… made it clear that I would not walk out of here hungrily. I liked the kidney, liver and brain a lot with my least favorite being the kidney (surprisingly enough to myself).

But you’re not done with that, you are also allowed to order sausages with it and I decided to get the “blood sausage” which was incredibly tasty. I do admit, I’m a big fan of blood sausage but I tell you, it’s definitely something you should try when you’re here.

The “liver sausage” was even better! Yes, I had not expected that but it was so damn good you almost wanted a second one (which was due to space reasons just not possible). The “home made pork sausage with mustard seeds and honey” (I forgot to take a picture) was good but comparatively ordinary to the other pieces.

The “dried beans with bacon” which I ordered as a side dish were good but frankly, you have so much food, I would just skip side dishes.

The second plate was “De Zoifter” which had “braised pork head cheeks in port jus”, “liver terrine with applesauce and pickled red onions”, “pork shoulder with caramelized pear cream” and “saucisson from Vaud with creamy leek”. The pork cheeks were absolutely delicious. I think the port jus was really the part which made a big difference. The rest was also good but I preferred the first plate. For both plates, I must say, the ‘vegetable part’ (onions and leak) was not really persuasive compared to the rest.

They also offer a decent wine selection, i.e. the “Pörlapà d’Asti Superiore, DOCG, 2016” (CHF 60.00) was a perfect fit for the Metzgete. The place is simple yet nice but you should make sure that you don’t get a table close to the door as the cold air gets in easily and it doesn’t make it that pleasant. The waitress was super friendly (although a bit challenged since it was her first day) and made sure that we would have everything at all times. So, I think I will return to the Falken Wiedkon also outside of Metzgete season but very definitely again next year for Metzgete!


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Restaurant Falken Wiedikon

Birmensdorferstrasse 150

8003 Zürich (CH)

Tel.: +41 44 463 55 25

E-Mail: kontakt@falken-wiedikon.ch

Homepage: http://www.falken-wiedikon.ch

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