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Perfect for a meaty lunch experience: Restaurant Hatecke & Ustaria (19. November 2020)

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Somehow I only knew the Hatecke as a butchery and not really as a restaurant but it turns out that it is actually quite nice for lunch. Once you’re seated – booking in advance highly recommended – you get a few cold cuts while picking what you want to eat from the menu.

Given we were hungry for lunch, we decided to go for “Il Plat Hatecke (mixed dry meat, 100gr)” (CHF 29.50) which turned out to be quite a large portion of dried, cured meat. And it was admittedly delicious. However, if you are taking this to start (even if you share), you shouldn’t also take a starter (as it was definitely too much).

The “Engadine barley soup” (CHF 17.50) is usually coming as a bigger portion but if you ask nicely, they will plate it into two plates so you get a small portion instead of an incredibly huge one. And while it was good, it was definitely not the best barley soup I’ve tried.

The “tartare de boeuf” (CHF 35.50) is stripped to its essentials. Minced meat, perfectly seasoned to your gusto and absolutely enjoyable. I mean, ultimately, that’s what you come for to Hatecke. The meat. And they managed something a lot of restaurants usually don’t manage – to provide enough toasted bread and butter in time.

Besides the fact that you have to be quite patient as the serving of the second plate and the third plate really took way too long, the place is nice, in terms of interior design as it is open, light and modern. Plus, the service is friendly, but you really cannot be in a rush over lunch to be able to enjoy and not starting to be stressed out about it. All in all, the Hatecke is a surprisingly great place to have a meaty lunch experience. Definitely recommended.


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Restaurant Hatecke & Ustaria

Usteristrasse 12

8001 Zürich (CH)

Tel.: +41 44 542 86 85

E-Mail: zuerich@hatecke.ch

Homepage: http://www.hatecke.ch

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