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Truffle explosion: A private dining experience at Richard Kägi’s private residence (3. December 2020)

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Most Swiss people have probably heard of Richard Kägi (http://www.richardkaegi.ch) who acts as a food scout for Globus. But what most people don’t know is that he also hosts private dining events at his residence from time to time. While this was the first time for me to attend, it definitely won’t be the last time as it was a memorable experience. The topic of the evening was “truffle experience” which basically included 50gr of truffles for each participant.

The evening started with an interesting combination of jamón, crisps and a tiny bit of truffle on top which was just perfect to get your palate started.

What is actually great is that you get to watch Richard cook in his own kitchen and you can see the dedication when he is focusing.

The next course contained toasted bread which was done on a ‘Yakitori grill’ …

… and then prepared in the kitchen …

… to end up in an absolutely delicious and mouth-watering “foie gras with white truffle”. Frankly, I generally like foie gras but this particular combination of flavors and textures was absolutely outstanding and made your taste buds dance.

The “veal tatar served in a potato with white truffle” was another delicious treat which was incredibly enjoyable.

Especially once the generous portion of white truffle was applied.

And luckily there was tasty bread with which you could combine a bite of the tatar.

Next in line was a cabbage-like vegetable with a delicious reduction and black truffle.

Followed by a fregola sarda dish with white truffle which was again mouth-watering.

What I liked a lot was the chiccorée with the meat which was almost burned and had a nice crispy but very delicious flavor to it …

… and was perfectly finished with white truffle again.

In all fairness, at some point it was hard to enjoy the truffle as it was just somewhat too much truffle all in all. But it was still at the pleasurable side of things – luckily. The cheese with some fresh truffle which was the second-last dish was good but very much on the intense side of things when it comes to ‘taste’. Definitely not for everyone but I personally still enjoyed it.

What is to mention besides the truffle-based dishes which were all very enjoyable is the amazing and generous selection of wines. Admittedly, CHF 570.00 per person is not on the cheap side but considering the quality of the dishes, the amount of the truffle, and the nice selection of wines, it is definitely worth trying.

I personally enjoyed a brief chat with Richard Kägi which was interesting and insightful and luckily I even got to see his private wine cellar which was (to my surprise) somewhat messy but he explained to me that he knows very well what’s where and what fits with what. So all in all, it was absolutely impressive.

The unique experience and the fact that you get to dine in the private residence of Richard Kägi (which has an amazing house) in combination with the flavors and the wine is definitely something I can recommend to anyone. If you have a chance to pay a visit, you should.


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Grosse Trüffel-Sause @ Kägi’s Privatresidenz

Zurich (CH)

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